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Ruth Waite

Like many women of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints I have participated in the Primary, Young Women and Relief Society organizations of the Church all of my life. I have been privileged to teach many lessons in each of them. I have been asked to give talks in different wards and stakes. I have written motivational plays and skits for in-service lessons and socials. For more than ten years I helped the members of my ward and stake do humanitarian work. For many years now my husband and I have participated in doing Family History and helping others do theirs.

I have found that people get more from talks or lessons when real life scenarios are used to discuss a principle so many of my writings include events that happened to me and my family.

I want my children and grandchildren to remember that I tried to be a faithful member of the Church so I am putting some of my writings here on this page in case they might help.

Ruth Blacker Waite - 2021

Table of Contents
A Letter To My Parents About Ryan's Heart A Christmas Memory From My Mission The Importance Of Scripture Knowledge What Do We Know About Our Ancestors? Angels Among Us Being A Humanitarian Chelsea's Farewell Children Leaving Home Choice And Accountability Christmas Establishing An Eternal Family Family Scripture Reading And Prayer Helping Parents And Youth Meet the Challenges Of Modern Technology Humanitarian Needs In A Romanian Orphanage A Family History Experience Morgan's Farewell Primary Experiences In My Life Satan's Subtle Devices Strengthening Youth Temples Atonement And Amy's Death The Importance Of Family History The Priesthood And Star Wars The Women's Role In The Early Church Visiting Teaching A Christ Centered Home Family History In 2006 Father's Day In 2004 Father's Day In 2005 A Happy Child A Talk Given In Heyburn First Ward Missionary Service Strengthening Testimonies What I Saw In The Logan Temple Messages To My Kids A Letter To My Family-1999 Nobody's Perfick A Primary Newsletter A Reverence Garden A Stake Roadshow A Skit For A Harvest Social A Skit For Primary Inservice A Skit About Seminary A Skit Featuring Teddy And Dora