Family History Procedure

This document expresses our feelings about how we should 'do' our family history. We have worked in genealogical research (family history) since 1966. We worked on the extraction program in the 1970 and 1980s. Currently we work in finding, recording and indexing family history records. We have made many mistakes and find that we must be constantly alert and check the validity of the data to make it as correct as possible. This document is meant to guide us as we research and record the genealogical data of our ancestors.

The items in outline below are the steps and methods we use as a guide.

Laron and Ruth Blacker Waite, 1 July 2016

  1. Our Family History Goals
  2. We use FamilySearch to submit names for temple ordinances.
  3. We Keep a personal copy of our family history data on Ancestry.
  4. We use the data in our personal family tree to correct mistakes in FamilySearch.
  5. We feel that we should not add or change data without a valid reason.
  6. We always enter a source when we add or change data.
  7. We keep a log of the research we do so we don't unnecessarily repeat the work.
  8. A cousins chart
  9. A discussion about the 'Lady Day' Problem.
  10. Some websites that we use: