Blacker Of Carrick Blacker

In 1929 while my father, Loyn Blacker, was serving as an LDS missionary in Birmingham, England he read an announcement in The Daily Express, a London newspaper, about the marriage of a Colonel Blacker. He wrote to the Colonel asking about his family. The Colonel sent him a package that contained the following letter.

Shute Haye,

Sept. 9, 1929
Dear Sir,

I send this family tree and history of the family, compiled by a member of the family several years ago for your perusal. I am very interested to get your letter. Perhaps you may be able to trace your ancestors in the tree. Please return the book as soon as you have finished with it as it is the only one I have and they are out of print.

I might mention that owing to the times I am, I fear, obligated to sell the old family place of CarrickBlacker in County Armagh. If you care to go and see it I will send a line to my solicitor, Mr. Girling, in Portadown to show you the place.

Very truly,
? Blacker

The package also contained the booklet mentioned in the letter. The booklet was titled "BLACKER OF CARRICKBLACKER" and was written by Major Latham C. M. Blacker. It was printed by Hoggs, Figgs & Coompany, Ltd of 104 Grafton Street Dublin, Ireland in 1901. My father made a typed copy of the booklet and sent it back to the Colonel.

In March 1930 he received the following letter from a cousin, Frederick Blacker, who owned F. Blacker & Son Monumental Sculptures in Clutton, Somersetshire.

As you can see from the letter a Dr. Blacker from Clifton, loaned a copy of the same booklet to Frederick. Later the doctor's widow gave her copy of the booklet to my father. The images below show the copy of the booklet that my father made.

Ruth Blacker Waite
13 July 2015