Alvin Levi (Bud) Iverson

KIDS, HORSES, Rocky Trails & Other Stories
by Bud Iverson

Alvin Levi (Bud) Iverson was born July 27, 1922 at Kaolin, Nevada (now under Lake Mead) to Victor Moses & Leoma McCain Iverson. He grew up in the Dixie Country of the Arizona Strip and Southern Utah.

He always felt he was born at least 100 years to late and would have liked to have been a pioneer or soldier in the Revolutionary War. He served 3 years in World War II and raised 7 children. GOD, FAMILY & COUNTRY are his priorities.

This book is a compilation of just a few of his early experiences, with poems by his wife, Judy, about some of the stories. It is dedicated to: Cathy, Linda, Clay, Randal, Liberty & Victor and their families.