Levi Aaron Iverson
History of Levi Aaron Iverson: By Mary Anna Iverson

Levi Aaron Iverson was born June 4th 1894 at Littlefield, Arizona, to Hans Peter and Juliana Johannah Dorthea Christensen Iverson. He was he 7th son of a family of twenty one children. Hans Peter had three wives, and seven children from each wife. most of Levi's childhood was spent at Littlefield and Washington, Utah.

Levi Aaron Iverson
Willard, an older brother had married and moved to Mexico. He thought it was a good place to live, so in 1910 when Levi was 16 years old he and his mother and younger sister Annie moved to Sonora, Mexico, about 50 miles from Willard. Shortly after Levi went to live with Willard, to help on the farm and at Willard's insistence graduated from the 7th grade. He moved back to Sonora where he worked at various jobs such as in the mills and harvesting grain. Being L.D.S. when the Church suggested it would be wise for the Saints to move from Mexico Levi and his family returned to the States and settled in the Moapa Nevada valley, where bought a farm.

About this same time,1916, William Thomas Wharton moved his family to the same valley. In his family of nine children he had five lovely daughters, one named Estella.

Levi stood six feet tall, dark curly hair, handsome, big muscles from hard work, his own farm and single. I understand he was witty, charming and had good manners.

As was the custom in the valley they had Saturday night dances. It was at one of these dances that Levi met Estella Wharton, where at once he was taken by her charms, so ask if he might walk her home from the dance. Her answer was swift, hard and to the point. She kicked him on the shin and walked away.

Levi moved from his peaceful valley to Utah in 1917 then on to the Arizona Strip, but yet he found nothing to satisfy his longing so he moved on to Las Vegas, Nevada. and then on to Sanpete County, Utah. where he once again encountered Miss Wharton. Although two years had passed he could still recall the pain in his shin so he stayed clear or the young maid with the strong right foot. He moved on to Texas and worked in the oil fields until 1920. Considering the time and distance between him and Miss Wharton he felt fairly safe, so he wrote to her. Her answer must not have been too encouraging for Levi went to Oklahoma and worked for the railroad. In 1922 he got home sick and returned to Utah.

Levi bought his first car then, a Model T Ford and moved back to the Arizona Strip.

Victor, an other brother, was living in Idaho, so Levi went up for a little visit and ended up in Montana as a fire fighter. He remained restless so went to California for a short stay then returned to Las Vegas, Nevada. and got a job as an oiler and drove a produce truck.

Mr. Wharton was moving his family to California stopped on his trip to spend the night in Las Vegas. Now, Estella went to call on Levi and after being assured she wouldn't kick he drove her home and spent the evening courting her. The next day the Wharton family moved on to California. Four days later Levi was on his way to California too. In his hurry and excitement he rolled his Model T over in a ditch, gave away all of his water supply, to a stranger, that he needed for his car, but nevertheless one day and two nights later he was at the Wharton household in California. There on Sept. I, 1923, seven years after being kicked, Levi married Estella Wharton. On April 7, 1926 they were sealed in the St. George Temple.

Levi's traveling days were not over, he and his wife moved to Vegas, Toadsprings, Gene, Arizona, Vegas, California and finally back to the Arizona Strip where he staked out his claim and raised eight out of ten children.

Life on the Strip was always pretty dry and any rain that fell was greatily appreciated and needed. For many years it was a tradition after A Z Ranch for a ice cream party.

Many times when it did rain it would be a good ol' gully washer and when this happened travelers would be stranded for hours or days and a time Levi's home would be packed with wall to wail people waiting out the storm, no one was ever turned away.

When the little one room school house closed down in 1943, Levi moved his family to St. George, Utah. During the years he lived on the Strip he served on the school board, the election board, as Justice of Peace and as mail carrier.

Levi had a deep abiding love for his family, starting with his "PA" Hans Peter and "Mother" Hanna. He always spoke with the utmost respect to and of both of them. His kindness to his mother was a joy to her as she told others about it.

Levi's children on his Model T Ford

A good education was what Levi wanted for all his children. Although his formal education ended at eighth grade he was very well read and continued to educate himself until the end of his life. He saw two of his sons go to serve their country in time of war, and rejoiced to have them returned in safety. He sent as many of his children that would to college. He taught a few things worth passing on. Learn to stand on your own two feet. Learn to make a decision. If it is important to you to have something done, do it yourself. He taught most of his grandsons to ride a horse, rope a calf and to drive a car. He operated his ranch until he was well over seventy five years old.

Levi's good traits are many with honesty at the head of the list right next to kindness, patience and understanding. Maybe he had faults, but being he never pointed out other's, we won't his.

Levi Aaron Iverson: June 4, 1894 Sept.18, 1977

Ten children, Two deceased

Thirty grandchildren, Four deceased

Thirty one great grandchildren.

Written April 1985 by daughter Mary Anna