Hans Peter Iverson
This document contains:
  1. A record of Hans Peter Iverson's birth and list of his wives and children

  2. An article titled "Sketch of Life of Hans Peter Iverson - written by himself" handwritten by my mother Marie Iverson Waite which she described with the remarks below.

  3. The following is a history of my father's father. I obtained it from an old worn manuscript, which was written by my grandfather in his own hand. He had written this history on an old worn booklet he had made from brown wrapping paper. My Aunt Lillie Belle Iverson, from whom I obtained the booklet, said Grandfather was always of a very saving nature. That trait is characteristic of the Scandanavian people. They were not blessed with the plenty in Denmark that abounds in America. They were obliged to watch carefully to make ends meet. He never got over it, even after living many years in a land of plenty. I was only a small girl when my grandfather died, but I do faintly remember an old man with a long, white beard. Of course, I've heard my father talk of him, and the main thought that has carried with me through the years, is that Grandfather was a generous man to those who needeed help. He never turned anyone away from his door. In the days when the only means of travel was by horse and wagon, many would stop at Littlefield to rest, and Grandfather would give them hay for their horses and food for themselves, without ever accepting pay. My mother told me later, that the manuscript from which I obtained this record, was given to my father by Grandfather, a short time before his death. My folks left it stored in a box of other books at Willard Iverson's. When they returned for it, many of the books were gone, including this booklet of Grandfather's life. Who took them, or how Aunt Lillie got the booklet, I do not know. We think it should be sent to the head of our genealogical orginazation and kept for all his posterity.

    This article can also be found in the book "A Record of The Ancestors and Decendants of Jeppe Iverson and Annie Christina Mortensen Iverson" published by the Jeppe Iverson Family Association 1966 and compiled by Alta Leslie Moyle Grimes

  4. Poems and letters written by Hans Peter

Laron Waite - 2017

A record in the Østbirk, Skanderborg, Denmark Parish Register showing the birth of Han Peter Jeppesen on 24 September 1835 and his christening on 22 Novermber 1835. It also lists his parents as Ane Kirstine Mortensen of Vestbirk and Jeppe Iversen of Ørritslev

Ane Kirstine Mortendatter had a son out of wedlock that she named Anders. Later she married Jeppe Iverson and their first child was, Hans Peter Jeppesen, shown in the record above. At the time of his birth Denmark was still using patronymics to name their children. His father's given name was Jeppe so he as Jeppe's son was given the surname of Jeppesen. Jeppe's surname was Iversen because his father was Iver Sorensen.

Later Hans Peter with his parents and younger sibleing joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The rest of his family immigrated to Utah. He stayed in Denmark and served as a misionary for the LDS Church from 1854 to 1959, then he also immigrated to Utah. Sometime during these moves his surname was changed to Iverson the same as his father. I have seen his surname given as Eversen, Iversen and Iverson in immigration and census records.

He married Anna Dortea Nissen 18 April, 1859 on the ship William Tapscott. He had the following children with her.
  1. Anna Christina: Born 30 October, 1860 in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah
  2. Jubltine: Born 12 November, 1862 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  3. Musser Cenia: Born 5 December, 1864 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  4. Forthilda: Born 18 August, 1867 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  5. Hans Peter: Born 31 December, 1869 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  6. Anna Dortea: Born 29 November, 1872 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  7. Jeppe Andrew: Born 30 June, 1875 in Washington, Washington, Utah

He married Juliana Johannah Dorthea Christensen 10 December, 1877 in the St. George Temple. He had the following children with her.
  1. Julia: Born 1878 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  2. Peter Martin: Born 10 November, 1881 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  3. Willard James: Born 20 November 1884 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  4. Doretta Marie: Born 1 December 1887 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  5. Victor Moses: Born 24 June 1891 in Littlefield, Mohave, Arizona
  6. Levi Aaron: Born 4 June 1894 in Littlefield, Mohave, Arizona
  7. Annie Emma Rean: Born 26 January, 1897 in Littlefield, Mohave, Arizona

He married Dorothea Caroline Johanna Evers 10 January, 1878 in the St. George Temple. He had the following children with her.
  1. Emma: Born 17 December, 1878 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  2. Alvina Elizabeth: Born 26 July, 1881 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  3. Hyrum Walter: Born 26 December 1882 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  4. Stella Elenora: Born 15 February, 1886 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  5. Amanda Emlia: Born 17 June 1888 in Washington, Washington, Utah
  6. Margaretha Wilhelmina: Born 8 August in Washington, Washington, Utah
  7. Wallace Joseph: Born 21 April, 1893 in Washington, Washington, Utah

Sketch of Life of Hans Peter Iverson - written by himself

May 26, 1920: For the benefit of my children I will write a short history of my life.

Hans Peter Iverson

I was born on the 24th day of September, 1835, in the town of Vesleyerk Skanderborg, Amt Denmark. My parents did make their living by farming; they were God fearing members of the Lutheran Church, in which I was educated and confirmed when I was fourteen and one half years old. My desire was to live a godly life. My father's name was Jeppe Iverson; my mother's name was Annie Agorstine Mortensen. My oldest brother was Andrew, the next Martin. I have three sisters, Elsa Marie, Carolina Christena, and Elisabeth Catherine.

For, a few years. I was hired out to farmers in our neighborhood herding stock etc. In March, 1854, we for the first time heard the restored gospel preached by missionaries of the (nick named) Mormon Church. We did embrace it, except my brother Andrew. I was baptized the 1st day of April, 1854, and the following November I was ordained a Teacher and with a partner sent out to perform missionary labor as Christ did send His disciples formerly. So were we without purse or script. We met a variety of people, held many meetings, and helped a few into the folds of Christ by baptism.

Anna Dortea Nissen

In March, 1857, we got arrested at Skjernbra, and held, there in prison for nine months. Finally, we did appeal to the Danish government and then got immediately released. In 1859, we were again imprisoned, but just for five days. The food we got was just. dark bread and water. While in prison we did study the English language.

In the spring of 1859 I was released from missionary labor that I might emigrate to Zion. I was advised to take a sister with me Annie T. Nisson, the last one I had baptized. Did agree with me. We were married the 17th day of April on the Atlantic Ocean, by Elder R. F. Neilson, captain of our company. Twelve more couples were married that same day. Our company was about 900 souls. We had a pleasant trip over the ocean on the sailing vessel by the name of Tapscot.

Over land we went with ox team. My father met us at Salt Lake City. We located at Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete County. I started farming and did build a small house. On the 30th day of October, 1860, my wife became mother of a baby girl. We gave her the name of Annie Kerstine Elizabeth.

In the fall of 1861, we, and many others, moved to Dixie in Southern Utah a warmer climate for to grow cotton for clothing directed by President Brigham Young. I did help to build the factory at Washington.

A song I enclose:

When first my foot trod Dixie land St. George it was not there
But mineral strong and blowing sand and thorny brush atear.

The rocky roads did wagons break the horse and ox got lame
The Virgin River wild flood swept dam and ditch the same.

Then quite a few away did go the stoutest hearts did stay
Did fix rebuild did ploiw and sow Dixie blooms up today

The Seer and Prophet Brigham Young said what St. George will be,
From ridge to ridge a city strong, a Temple in it stay.

Said Virgin Valley soil and plain will for the north excell
Said wagon trails in time will change to roads of oil.

He further said where plains range This Valley tilled will be
For millions yet among our foe here build, will plant and stay.

We had located at Washington, did grow cotton etc. The 12th of November, 1862, my wife became mother of one more girl. That birth influenced me with esteemed joy and I gave her a. corresponding name, Jubiltine.

On the 5th day of December, 1864, we were added with another girl and did name her Musser Cine, for to remember Bishop Musser his kindness in helping me with grain as was so scarce at that time in Dixie. On the 18th day of August, 1867, came the fourth girl in our family; did name her Fourth Tilda.

The climate about Washington was very pressing and hot on me, that it caused me to move up near the Pine Valley Mountain. I did buy a farm there of a widow, Mrs. Clark. A pleasant climate. I had two more children born, a son and a daughter. Did name them Hans P. His birthday was the 31 day of December, 1869. The girl's birthday was the 29th of November, 1872.

The Temple at St. George was starting .progress. I did help some with stone cutting and with other means.

In the fall of 1874, while in the field at work or in bed at night I felt prompted that I again should go to missionary labor. By letter I did inform President Brigham Young of my feeling and then I was at ease. On the 25th day of March, 1875 by Bishop T. J. John from President Brigham Young I got a telegram that I was selected to start on a Mission to Skandinavia soon after April Conference. I regulated my home affairs the best I could. My wife was in delicate circumstances, and with tears in her eyes, I bade her and our children goodbye.

On the 1st day of April, 1875, I did present myself to P. B. Young, and he directed me to Apostle Orson Pratt to be set apart for my Mission. He did ordain me a Seventy. Father Brown, an old man and a Patriarch, sitting in his chair. I told him I was on my way to do missionary work, and I did wish him to give me a blessing. He took me by the hand and said; "Brother Iverson, you. will be blessed on your Mission." I did appreciate the short blessing; but it was rich. In a few days did come together quite a number; some for England, for Ireland,, and Skandinavia, and we had a pleasant trip over land and sea. At the mission office in Copenhagen, Denmark, we were given timely advice by President C. G. Lansen to consider a noble duty in leaving f amily and home for to bring souls to our Redeemer, etc.

My appointed field for labor was the Aalberg Conference. Here I met the Conference President, P. 0. Hansen. I told him my humble desire, but felt my keen weakness and wished to renew my covenants. He said, "Truly the water and Priesthood is for your service, etc.

For a few days I had a partner with me till I got some acquainted with saints and investigators. I just had money to take me to my field of labor and from then on, at the Savior's word I went without purse or script. I did find noble souls longing for heavenly Truth. Oh, how sweet to feed the "Bread of Life!" That joy excels all joy to bring souls to the fold of Christ.

I got a letter from my wife that she had a son born on the 30th of June, 1875, and did name him Jeppe Andrew. Now her Patriarchal Blessing was filled that she would be mother to sons and daughters!

On my way to the City of Fredericia, at night, I had a dream. I stood by the side of a big, dirty, swollen river. On the opposite side I did see two white birds, so white as they had been cleansed from all earthly dirt. Soon one of them started out as intending to cross the river, but got about half way when it was overcome. It did sink and I did see it drowned. Then the other one started like the first did in the dirty water, but did return and got back to the land, but how miserable it did look. The following day I got to the city and did inquire how a man was who lived in the branch. Was getting along all right, was the answer, except two young sisters. They don't come to the meetings, but go the streets of nights with sailors, etc. I did my best to get to see them, but the one kept entirely hid from me. The other did acknowledge her mistake and really promised to do better, and she did. I did consider the interpretation to my dream. How white when complied with the Baptism of our Redeemer, and how dirty when turning to the world again as the pig to its wallow.

I will relate a pleasant healing. I and Elder K. M. Brown did visit an old sister, Mattie Marie Peterson. She had helped herself on two crutches for more than three years. She did ask us to administer to her that she might be free from the crutches. She said that she had fasted and prayed that God would help her. We complied with her request, and she did walk without the crutches in her future days. She did ask me to hold meetings in her house and let her show the people. It made such an impression that in a few months' time thirty-three souls did join the Church by baptism.

I did get a letter from Hans in Stole, whom I did baptize in 1858 wanting me to make a visit. The distance was more than 200 miles, and for me, a hard trip. But one day in my missionary travels a miller said to me, "If any would go into Germany, I could give a free ticket, for I ship fat hogs there." I did take his offer with thankfulness.

While at Brother Hans' a heavenly voice said to me that his granddaughter, Dora Evers, shall be my wife. I asked God to overrule for the outcome.

I was soon at my labor and did help scores into the Fold of Christ by baptism. Did bless many little children, did marry three couples, held many meetings and had sweet joy in my labor. But sorrow I also felt. A letter from my wife at home told me that three of our children had passed away by a sickness that prevailed among children. Yet I did hold it patiently, as God giveth and taketh at His own good will.

In the spring of 1877 I was released to return home. At our last meeting about three hundred people were in the hall, and as I stood and talked to the congregation for the last time in the land of my birth, a penetrating voice from on high said to me, "Take her home with you to be your wife" and my mind was directed to the one it meant.

As soon as I took my seat my meditation was, "How can I comply with that command?" But the prompting said, "Don't hesitate." Then I did ask her to go home with me and she did agree. She then went and told her parents, and they got soon rejoiced and said, "Why did you not tell us about that when we met at Sunday Meeting?" She answered, "Because I did not know it then." They asked, "And who will take you with?"

She replied, "Brother Iverson." Her father said, "Get ready and we will go with you to the ship tomorrow."

Juliana Johanna Dorothea Christensen Iverson

Deothea Evers Iverson

On we went, about 800 emigrants; we had a pleasant journey over sea and land. I will add that I was asked to take some money for Brother Neilson with me home and use it on the trip if I needed to. Thereby a way did open up so I could pay the fare for my intended wife. I also took a boy, Peter Swenson Graco and a girl, Mina Jensen with me. But how I did hesitate on the whole journey, for I had not mentioned to Dora Evers that I was told by a heavenly voice that she should be my wife. But just an hour before coming to Salt Lake City, I did ask her to go with me home, and she consented. But yet more on the trip I felt heavy laden and my prayer was to high heaven for help, that my wife at home might consent, as I had, to the principle of plural marriage.

And oh, how sweet, when ease come from above about two miles from Washington and the heavenly voice said to me in these very words, "All will be well with your home. Amen." Did follow my inner heart. On the 10th day of August, 1877 I and my wife and Juliana J. D. Christensen went to the St. George Temple and Juliana was married and sealed to me, and Sister of my wife who is dead was also sealed to me. On the 10th day of January, 1878. I again went to the Temple and Sister Dora Evers was sealed and married to me.

I feel to relate the promise made to me by Orson Pratt, Apostle, and Patriarch Brown, that I would be blessed on my Mission and return satisfied. Indeed, I enjoyed the fulfillment thereof. I did feed many hungry souls the bread of life, which to me sweeter than any other labor. I led through the watery grave into the fold of Christ, seventy eight souls. I did bless many children and did marry three couples that had lived without marriage before they did comply with the Gospel of Christ. Necessary means came into my hands when needed, and the addition in my family circle for everlasting.

But a contrast did also follow. I went off into exile trying to escape imprisonment. Our Government did pass a law against plural marriage. I did go to San Louie Valley in Colorado where I did farm, etc. for about one and one-half years. But after my return, I had to go to prison for six months, and while there, I did herd cows, did some whitewashing, etc.

Littlefield Arizona

On the 31st of January, 1889 I had a dream. I did see a pretty valley with springs and grain fields, etc., but I could not locate where it was. About eleven months after, at a Conference in St. George as Bishop Bunker was asked to report his ward, it came to me as a flash of lightning that I should go and see that place. And to my satisfaction it was the second vision of my dream.

I did move there with my wife Juliana, as I did see her with me there in my dream. And a while after did there move also with Dora Evers my wife. There I employed myself with farming, mason work, etc. My wives bore to me each seven children.

I sometimes wonder why I did come to Littlefield, and I get the answer that my children would not have got acquainted with their pleasant partners if I had not have complied with my dream.

I will enclose a song:

Directed by heavenly dream,
To Littlefield sweet home.
The Land here flow with milk and cream,
Just plow and till the loam.

The climate health and vigor bear
The youthful offspring prove
Soil full measure yield its share
When tilled and well improved.

With wood and water near thy feet
Don't have to hunt afar
Can help and lend to who in need
No hungry leave thy bar.

Where is more dandy home than that
Do tell who move around
For stock and grain, garden and fruit
With such thy home is crowned.

More yet, my dream had golden sweet
My children partners found
Did in God's Holy Temples wed
Sweet offspring came their crown.

Here is our home in Dixie land
Is blooming as full moon
Sweet song and smile, what is more grand
Come friends visit our home.

I am healthy and well for my age, do a little work in the garden, etc. The wife of my youth is more feeble. She is with our daughter Cenia Hall, who has no children. She is well cared for. My children are located quite far from me except my son, Wallace, who I let have my farm, and I and his mother, Dora, here get our living. My wife, Johannah, like best to be with her children who are located at Mt. Trumbull, Arizona. My children is all married except for one son, Levi. My children, grandchildren and great grandchildren now number about one hundred souls.

Ruins of Hans Peter's house in Littlefield

I will enclose some losses by the Virgin River by floods. In January, 1910, a house, costing about $1,020.00, a granary with a about 100 bushels of wheat, land, about $100.00 worth of furniture. Two wagons, two lots with fruit trees and grape vines. Land and all lots went with the stream, etc. About $300.00 loss for this. One house was left about eight feet from the river, so I had to pull it down as soon as the floods passed.

I started to build across the river on the farm. In but one and one-half years we were again comfortably located. But we feel the loss of fruit and the inconvenience to cross the river to the post office, school, etc. My sons and daughters is mostly married and left home, and I get more feeble. Some past eighty years old. I did give each of my wives a house and lot at Washington. If I do pass away first. My son Wallace I left my farm and he lets me have all my needs in my last days, and my wife Dora, his mother, do all needed waiting for me, etc.


The Items Below are poems and letters written by Hans Peter

What do we read in the Bible Book
What Jesus told his friends
What sign will be for man to look
Before he came again?

False prophets many he did say
Will come and claim his name
Deceive will many preach for pay
For them be you aware.

With war and famine, pestilence
World sorrow will begin
O woe the man who will not bend
But do delight in sin.

Again, Christ's Gospel shall be preached
As same in former days
God Father will his children reach
Just they will Him obey.

God Father set His Kingdom up
As shall forever stand
Will role and fill the earth full up
Men's kingdom cave as sand.

This generation shall not pass
Before the end will come
God's words are true as lighting flash
When he says "Go" or "Come".

MY LIFE EVENTS by Hans Peter Iverson

My life events I tell in short,
To all it may appear;
Sometimes it was a little hard,
But, mostly pleasure dear.
My birth was over Atlantic shores,
From my youth my Mother told me Pray,
And serve a goodly life.
When 18 first hear a man say,
An Angel came to Earth!
I grasp that truth with every force,
Enlisted for its cause.
Without the pay of scrip or price,
From four or five years.
Dimly I twice in prison led,
The space of nine months.
Hurrah: For Zion then I tread,
Take with me wife in bloom.
In Sanpete I did plow and build,
Commence a happy home.
At Washington where cotton grow,
Here I did fix to stay.
But, Lo! About I took the blues,
For feber had her sway.
Yet I did plant and build a home;
My family did increase.
Help build the Temple in St. George,
Oh, those were happy days.
Just then another mission call,
Within a week did go.
Soon set my feet on Danish soil,
And traveled to and fro.
And friends I found most everywhere,
Success my labor bore.
Oh, deadly news came from my dear,
Three children from her tore.
Now I will tell you God's command,
Believe it and do not scorn.
For who am I my God withstand,
And shrink from bidding sore.
Twice sudden voices from on high,
Say take two virgins more
Then before my eyes,
It then became my chore..
But darkness in it's evil wrath,
With persecuting bands.
Caused me exile and prison beds,
For doing God's commands.
More precious still my family was,
Did grow from day to day.
In numbers we did multiply;
By God's command I did stay.
In fifty nine as lonely. star,
No one to share my mourn.
In ninety seven within my bar,
Be twenty five my name.
Although hardship did follow close,
When done from daily toil
For bread and meat and some close,
When on one tilled the soil.
Today it all seems like a dream;
Today my home with comfort.
Today in peace I rest.
And onward as a flowing well,
I love to take my rest.
Get invited through my heart,
To me, in all my God is seen.
He always took my part.

To: Annie Iverson Whipple, January 1, 1910

Editors note: The first page of this letter Is missing. Our best guess is that it was written to Annie Iverson Whipple when they were at Kaolin, Nevada.

The house and lot I have give to Mamma and you children is yet ready for you. I let Walter farm them for to pay the taxes, and at present there live a family in the houses who also come from Mexico. I charge them $1 a month rent. But if Mamma or any of you want to make use of it, then they move away. When the boys help Mamma anyhow, can they not just as well help and have home here an any where else. Mamma like to garden and here is 3 good lots for it and I will do all I can, garden stuff as always is good demand, here is many peddlers.

Is Willard a freighting yet from the mines? Have Mamma got a good garden started this spring, I try to do a little at garden I am also now a fixing by the old house. I am pretty well, and so is all our folks here. Thanks for you pretty picture. Every one from here send kind love to you and from your loving father H. P. Iversen

Editors note: This Is a P.S., although he did not use the P.S. symbol.

Washington is now building a costly Amusement Hall. Bishop C. have sold his home for $6000 and is now a building a new home in the middle of town. Aunt Annie is well again. I say goodbye, give Mamma a kiss for me H. P. Iversen

Littlefield Feb 12 1911

My Dear little Daughter Annie!

I got so glad yesterday by getting a letter from you. For a few days before, I had such a lonely feeling, which I humly akt (humbly ask) God to remov (remove) or let me know the cause of it. I did see in the paper of several crule (cruel) battles in Mexico, and was afraid something evil had hauded (happened) you. I did see that the people in the town where Willard live, had left Mexico, and went to Texasnow. I feel some better, and will try to tell you some thing from home. I have had 2 letters from Willard since you left and 2 from Peter, and 1 from Victor. The Bishop said he could onely (only) give Victor Recomend till the time he left the Ward, for he had no knolgedge (knowledge) himself of what he had been doing, no teachers report and no Book account. But he would give a Recomend to the Presidents office in Salt Lake, and Victor can get it from there and then make it right with the Ward he go too. I am glad he want to get a standing with the Church again for with the World there is no blessing for a member of the Church of Christ, as Victor said in his letter, "Mexico is a hard country" and so is all other countries under simular (similar) circamstanses (circumstances), Willard said the Rail Road and Tillegraph (telegraph) was cut down by the Rebles, (rebels) and he could get no letter from you.

Peter have taken a big farm on rent, and his own too, he have in all 120 accres (acres) to farm this summer. He thinks it may take a long time till Mexico get peace again. Well, Annie, do you remembre (remember) you last prommis (promise) to me, when I said, be a good girl, you said, Yes. .l will Pa your sister Retha, was allweays (always) a good girl to me, and to every body els (else), and I lov (love) her so much therfor (therefore). Kis (kiss) her little Babis (babies) for me, and say good word, to Retha, Roy, Victor and Levi for me. Let Mother have or read this letter, and I will inclose (enclose) one to her beside. Roy Mcknight is Dead. A family from Kansas have settel (settled) on Paradize, duck a welld (dug a well) and got such good water.

I got quite a bit more fixt (fixed) with the house, and School teacher live in your Mothers room, and I have fixt her room upstairs have my bed there, have fixt the lounge the Rocking chair and a table, my Box. Come and see how I am fixt. Your flaurs (flowers) starts now to grow again.

I have fencet (fenced) the upper part of the Park, cleared all the brush away, duck (dug) more water out, planted many Cotton wood, and Poppolars, and fixt there also a nice garden spot, and planted onions, lettes (lettuce) radizes (radishes), cabits (cabbage). And Magi (Maggie) is a planting a lot of flaurs (flowers) there. I have made more seat there and planted vines by them for pleasant summer shed (shade). The water falls now from a spout 10 or 12 feet stright down, I intend to build Bath house right under it. Come and take a bath, and all the girls you can get with you, and you can eather (either) standup, sit down or lay down for the water comes right down over you. I have allso (also) finnist (finished) the duckway (dugway) up the hill, and now we can go up to the east Mountain after wood. All there now see our Place sais (says) it is the lovliest (loveliest) all along the Virgin River. The land North from the house is plowed and fixt and we have comenct (commenced) to plant trees and vines, but leve (leave) a big peace (piece) of it for a mellon path (mellon patch), then come and pick so meevery morning, and that land south from the house is allso fixt and sowed in wheat and lurcen (alfalfa) around the Resevair (reservoir) we also plant Roses and flaurs (flowers), shed (shade) trees. We have just got done with sowing grain, and Wallace have to make a trip to mill, and then we have to start to build again, a kitjon (kitchen) for ant (aunt) Dohah and Mother and a pallor (parlor) allso for Mother and Dorah, and a grainery and a Cisstern (cistern). If you wait till that is done then you wont know our home. Cant you slip off with one of Rethas Babis (babies) and come and let us see it, and Mother come with the other one, and then Retha will come doble (double) quick after, and who know if Roy wont follow allso, just I knew when, then the White Rooster and another Rooster would stand a poor show to slip out of it Will you tell Victor and Levi to be good workers, stady (steady) at it, and saring (sharing) with their earnings, and be true to their Tithings, offerings, meetings Sunday School then all things will go joyfully for them, and God will be on their side with everlasting blessings, and how glad I and Mother then will be allso. I have predicted in my own mind that Willard in his days will rise and be a mighte (mighty man, his ambision (ambition) work that way temperal and spiritual. Just tell him what I say. And now I close with the best of wishes from every one at home to all of you in Mexico. from you Father H. P. Iversen

Editors note: No date on thIs letter but it was In 1911 or ?

Annie----l got that rose yet that you sent to me, when do you come for it? and see all the little childern there have come since you left--Mary Reber got a pair of twin--Holda Frehner got one--Dot Frihner got one--and your Sister Manda is here with a pretty little boy--if you come quick before she go back--and Albert, will soon all go to the Miady (Muddy). Is Retta now up at mines where her husband works? Will you write to me soon and mamma to,--tefl me how it is where you now is, do you like there better than Moralas? Say halow (hello) to Jam (Jim) bundy for me-When do Sister Bundy and Family come home.

Your flour (flower) garden is so pretty--tell me lots when you write, and now good bye to you and mamma. your father H. P. lverson

Editors Note: This letter was sent to Kaolin Nevada

Littlefield Octob. 17 15

My dear wife Johannah Iversen !

I will write to you a letter today. I got Annie paid off by my last writing so she will ceept (keep) still for a while. I was to Washington last week, how soon we can move there I dont know, for Walter lives yet in our house, he is so busy now making Wallaces that he can not go build for a while. I am so glad that you appreciate the home there that I gave you. I did feel sorrow for you this last summer it was so warm for you in a lumber house, no shed (shade) and poor water. The Covington house is coold (cool) in the summer, and good shed (shade) and good water then I could call in and see you most any day and get a good lunch, as you use to give me. My prayer and wish have been for a long time that I might be able to gladden all of my family before I leave this life. I thought to do it with a little money, but I can not sell for money, so the way I do now may be the best annihow (any how) then you have something to, can give to them you is Mother to as you think best and so will Dorah have. And you know I allso did give a home to aunt Annie till she feel a little joller (jollier) now, but I can not help it I do give her a few Dollars ones (once) in a while when I have any, and when I sell the Praspytorian lot, then I will give her and her Children again. Wallace now got the farm at Littlefield he pay me his house and 2 lots in Washington $300 to L. Adams, and $50 in cash and 50 bushels every year for me and Dorah to live on how could I do better !! Bishop Covington told me that his house cost him $2000 to build but I bought the two places for $800 but had to borrow to pay, so with interest and taxes tell now it have cost me $1000 but now it is all paid for. give my lov (love) to all the children tell Levi to let me know a week before he comes up, I may go to Washington the same time. Dorah and Wallace inclose love to you. H. P. Iversen

Washington November 27, 1915
My Dear Son Levi Iversen!

I will today write you a short letter, and inform you of my disire. Aunt Annie was so pleased when I got to her, she told me of your short call and said she did wish more of my family could come here to Washington. Then she said that she did not want all the worth of the John D. Lee place, but did like if I could give her $50 by Christmas for she did like to give all her children a present. Now I have been thinking over, to give you the first offer on that place, to let you have it for $150 if you possible can get me the $50 before Christmas and another $50 five or six after that, and the last $50 in another five or six month. I will so much rather let one of my children have it for that price than to others for the double. The lot is real good land, and a corner lot right into town for location makes it more valuable. The rock wall is pretty good. If the upper story get tore off, then it can be made to pleaant home. Dear Levi, think it well over, if you can meet me in that deal, and payments as I have named then the named place shall be yours from today and hereafter, to do with as you think best. And we will get the deed turned from my name to yours at the Court House. If Willard or some other good friend can help you out with the first $50 in that short time. But let me know as soon as you possible can, if you will and can or not, for I want to favor Aunt Annie in her request even if I have to borrow the $50 for the present. The other day I said to you, that I wish every one of your Mothers children to have a few dollars out of the Covington Place, and 1 gave it to you Mother, and I know that she will see to that, and devide with you all as a Dear and loving Mother. If you get 1 or 2 bales of wire then I will help you to fix a good fence around the lots, and also with the building. I am now helping Walter with his foundation. I will go home in a couple of days. Give my love to Ma and all of our folks. From your Pa. respectfully, H. P. Iversen

give the enclosed to Mamma

Editors note: This was enclosed with the letter to Levi of the same date

To Johannah Iversen, from H. P. Iversen
Washington, November 27 - 15, Heavenly Advice

Me Heaven told to take a wife and do not hesitate
I done as I was advised By sweat had daily bread
I did not make mistake They pointed way to me
Three virgins pure and fair As fair as man would see
Each bore me children 7 A joyful little flock
They know the way to heaven It was my homely talk
Grandchildren I now number Way into fifty odd
Great Grand they neither slumber They come they come so glad
Oh, dear! My bachelor brother Have not a single one
Will be forever yonder Not have a bosom friend !

Truthfully, H. P. I.

Littlefield   Decemb. 11 - 15

My dear son Levi !

I did write a letter to you from Washington, did ask you to give me a quick answer, but have got none, so will write to you again. First Aunt Annie told me she was so glad for your short call and Walter told me his boys and girls like the Presbyterian lot. Aunt Annie said she did not want all the north of the lot, but better sell it to one of my boys. And here I will give you first chance and offer for $150.00. If you can pay me $25.00 at the very first before Christmas, Aunt Annie could use it by Christmas, and then you can have 3, 4, or 5 months between your payments till the end of the year following to Christmas in 1916. I think it would be best for you, because you got the place joining it. You get 1 or 2 bales of barb wire, and I will help you to put up a good fence, and then sow it all in Spring grain at the very first of February. Please give me an answer at the very first, if you can come to my request or not. If you turn it to Willard, and he wish to accept the offer to you, all the same to me. The Presbyterian house is to my eye fully as well fitted for a bungalow as is the Covington house and then more into the center of town.

I did help Walter a week with his foundation and will help him more when he get ready, you call and take me with up, for I also got a deal of work to do at my lot. Aunt Annie wish if possible to get her the $25.00 in $5 greenbacks. Wallace is going to Washington for two days before Christmas, I can send it to Aunt Annie by him. Give Mama a Christmas kiss from me, and say hallow to all of the folks. Aunt Dora is well. Wallace is looking for stock; I have a cold at present.

from your loving father,
H. P. Iverson.

February 5,1918

To my dear ones at Trumbull,

I do enclose with Wallace a few lines to my loving family, is Retta gay in the promised land - how I do long for all of you and so much more than I use to in my former days - I know my days get by and shall I meet all my dear ones again. My family feels dear- er to me all the time and my prayers do ascend to high heaven for Father's blessings to attend everyone of them, that they have wisdom in every move and strength in every trial, and acknowledge the hand of God in all things - that the little ones may grow up and be better in Father's service than their Parents and their grand Parents - that is my most noble wish, for what have we else accomplished as is of lasting value hereafter - When I look back on my child days I can see in many ways where my parents could have done better - and especially to my own days, how many times could I have done wiser - I can just now see the tears rolling down the cheeks of my dear son-in-law and his word follow, I should have been a better man. Heed such feelings, is from on high - My dear Son and Daughters, let such feelings be your guide, both by Day and by Night - and the Victory will be yours. We will never in this life see Perfection, for Father says: I cause men to have weakness that they may feel humble before me.

I will let you know I am in good health and do work every day - The Word of Wisdom is my standby - I came back to the farm, thinking it best, if Wallace should have to go in Goverment service. I do not worry over what may come, God will over-ride all for the best of His people. He will have a tried people, He said to His servant Joseph Smith, " I will preform a marvelous work and a wonder in this the latter days. Yes, He will show the mighty rulers on the Earth what they is, but like dust before the Wind.

Babel with all it's glory shall fall."

My dear Wife Johannah, give my letter to all our folks to read, that saves me from writing to everyone separate -do all remember me to the pleasant young lady, your School Teacher. The School Teacher with us is also from California, she boards with us - her name is Miss Matheus.

Half of the young men here at Littlefield is on the Govermerit Roll, but we don't know yet the out come - I have been a building one more dwelling room, but not finish yet. Dorah is on a visit to Bunkerville to Allie. They have sold their grape farm and will move up to Delta.

I have Xmas greetings from Bro. WM. T. Jack, from Tine and Ellie Jack - Ellie is happy in the mission field.

My dear Wife be in good cheer, all will come out for the best. My love is to all, from your loving husband.
H.P. Iversn

Editors note: This letter Is badly worn and falling apart. We will do the best we can. Probably written In 1918

My Dear Children

Read this confidently, it is everlasting with my loving wishes-- I enclose to every one of you from your dear Father, H. P. Iversen. In June 1876 1 was told by a penatrating voice from on high (never to be forgotten) and a sirten (certain) sister spesifiet (specified) to me that she should be my Wife---! kept it secret by myself, and my God, till in July 1877. Then I made it known to her, and she agreed with me-- and in Juni (June) 1877 even to me was more marvelous a voice from the heaven,-- beyond the expectation of man, and in a congregation of new 300 people, was spesifiet (specified) sirten (certain) sister and I was told to take her with me home to be my wife. I told her and we agreed. And two days after, we left Denmark on a ship for America--and in the Temple at St. George Utah we was married--this two Wife have each of them born to me 7 children--My prayer have beenunceaselessly to Father who commanded me, that our children may advance on the path of Duty, for a glorious future and precede their parents.

My sons after they become grown have worked, off, here and there. I was sometimes a little uneasy--my oldest Son Martin was working in a mine in Mexico, but, his sister conforted me, and said, Martin pay his tithing very punctual $5 monthly-my son Walter, at where he was to work, and on the day of settlement, for his horse feed, their charge was a mistake to their loss and he corrected them, and paid his full due. My Son Willard, hurriedly went off to Mexico, and left debt unpaid. Seven years after the man tells, Willard came and paid his due. My son Wallace once forgot the set time to pay a debt, but when next come by the man say, he come in and squared it all, and he say, The Iversen Boys is Trusthy in payment--My younger sons have given kindness to me that always, is and very dear. My Son-in- law Roy Bundy went off once forgetting to pay due tithing, but woth (wrote) home to his wife to pay it to their Bishop $50--He once read to me his Paatriarkial (Patriarchal) Blessing, as caused him tears from his eyes, and he said I must strive to be a better man.---A dream in behalf of my Daughters--I was sitting in a chair in a very. nice room, a veil was drawn across the room, I could hear whispering beyond the veil-and soon one of my Daughters came and stood before me, she said, Father, with firmness we will keep the word of Wisdom in refuse to any kind of drink, I said, give me a kiss, in behalf of your firmness And she did, and again went beyond the veil--soon woke and my heart was full of joy, by meditating about my Sons and Daughters, and my prayer is Father continue thy blessings to my posterity--the children of my first wife is firm and true as their Mother before them. She left all for the Gospel of her Redeemer--What is sweeter to a Father?

I hold the Gospel of my Redeemer, and with me do my wifes and my children. We have the faith and hope of glorious resurrection,-- have not sought earthly riches, the perishable, but have always had food and clothing, my children have never had to cry for the want of Bread. I am at peace with all men, who there have wrong me I will forgive. I have never suffered in sickness, The word of Wisdom has been my standby.--I yet feel able to work every day. Night and Day come both sweet to me. I am in my 83 year, and hop get to see many prophefic word fulfilled, and Zion prosper in the earth--I wish to help in my Redeemers cause to my very last--I hope my last day may be my dearest, and sweet with everlasting joy..


The spot where my cradle
The place where my birth
Is tender and loving to me
There Mother with needle
Made coat and my shirt
More sweetly could no one me be
That memory for ever
Will gladden my breast
As parent can I better do
They led me in prayer
In first to my God
Be noble, be humble, be true
Sweet home what is better
Thy Zion shall be
Will plant there my feet ever stay
Will reach to the needy
Will hear when they pray
Like measure will Father give me
Sing loud shout for glory
The prospect is grand
High heaven to earth do declare
They meekly will gather and Zion shall stand
Our Redeemer will shortly be there

To my dear son Willard !

It is now a long time since we did see one another, so I feel to write you a letter and tell you how it be with me. I am pretty well, according to my age. Last 24 of September was my 83rd birthday. I yet like to work some every day. But my dear son, how I do long for my so far away children. My prayer is continually for their well being, that their hearts' desires may be to their Father in Heaven, for strength and wisdom to follow the path of our dear Redeemer, that we may all be worthy to be with Him in that dear bought salvation that He done for us. We not appreciate how dear he did love us. While all my dear ones was to home, I never could comprehend that I would feel so lonesome now, and I think how do you feel by being so broke up in your family home, and I do encourage you to do your humblest to get a loving home again. Give my love to dear granddaughter, Nela. What worry me still more is in regard to your dear sister Annie, tell me how it goes. Two of my sons there know him have nothing to his praise, and he don't appreciate the call of our Redeemer. Give my love to dear Mama, to Retta, Roy and children, Martin, Lillie and children, and to all of the Bundys. I feel a love to that family.

In August and September I made a trip to Delta. Your sister there is well fixed. Their husbands is men of God and their children grown in love to God. The sweetest of all.

Victor and his wife had gone and moved so fast, that I could not see him today. The last I heard that he is in Pocatello, Idaho. Maud Reber and husband is soon going to Delta. Several families from Mesquite intend to go to Delta. Your sisters write that 42 had died at Delta of influenza. Brother Bunker and family all had it, but is now well again. Be now so kind to tell me all you think can interest me. Martin say for me to come and visit your town. I would like next summer. Love from all at home, your loving father, H. P. Iverson.

Littlefield July 26, 1919

My Dear Daughter Annie-

I did get your letter--telling me you had got married--I had heard it a few days before, and I wrote a letter to Mr Whiple (Whipple) trying to hilp (help) him in the Word of God, that do lead all to Salvation, with our etirnal (eternal) Redeemer Jesus Christ--I did ecspect (expect) and answer, and intendet (intended) to write to you both at the same time.

A holy work is truly before you to impart to your husband, your faight (faith) and standing in the Church of God, for with out (without), it is impossible to enter into the Kingdom of God--Christ did do all in his power--even unto dead, to mark out the path for all mankind to follow--if we do necklect (neglect) it, how sorrow a time there is before us, in the day of Judgement--Christ will say to all, who there have been obydient (obedient) to his call--Well don (done) enter into my rest. and to the disobedient and, caries (careless) he will say--go away from me ye caursed (cursed), into utter (outer) darkness--etc--Marriges (marriages)---performed without Heavenly authorety (authority) just last till dead--C, (Oh) think it (fljiQwij Qid) left alone, the verry (very) first step to take, see Acts 2 Chapter 38 vers (verse). Christ did command his servants to preach his gosple to all mankind, when he went to hid Father, his Apostles got all killed by weeket (wicked) men---but God made it known to the verry (very) last one, even John that have anen (again) in the last days would give the gospie to mankind on earth for our salvation, see-John, Revelation 14 Cap. 6-7 vers (verse). how good it woold (would) be, if all people woold (would) receav (receive) with gladness the Engles (Angels) coming---Will you give my by (love) to all our relations and friends, and espesible (especially) to your dear companion, may he soon be one with us---O, (Oh) how hapy (happy) you then both of you will feel.--l feel so give out, in this warm summer--Aunt Dorah say---Annie have allways (always) been such a sweet little girl---lov (love) follow from all-first from Father H. P. Iversen

Editors note: Letter to Johannah, first page is missing. This letter had to be written after 1919 because that is when Aunt Annie got married.

I got a pleasant letter from my wife and kids last year--so think I better to answer them before too much of this New Year pass away- We had a very nice Xmas and have started so pleasantly on a new year. I am pretty well and so is every thing around me-- It started to rain yesterday and is a raining yet, and no telling when it will stop, what will the stock do with the grase (grass or graze) there is coming

Well, my dear wife, Victor mensinet (mentioned) about operation and new teet (teeth), I long to hear how it came out-- Santa Claus must be pretty near worn out, for he have come to me from Idaho- from Dalta (Delta)- from Mt Trumbul from St. George-- 0 (Oh) how enjoyable it is to have many loving children-- My children, grand children and great grand children now number 100 souls--60 years ago, I had but one. What will theyre number be 60 years to come.-- and then on--will be as numberable as the stars, or the sand on the sea shore? and more than fill this earth. Think it over--How much room will the bathlor (bachelor) and the old made (maid) need? No more than they have today-- for they have not compliant (complied) with the first heavenly command to man-- I truly wish every one of my children will use this new year in Gods service, that when next new year they may look back and feel happi, for I have done the best I could-- give my by to Annie and her husband--to Victor his Wife and Baby. I will ailso today write to Trumbul--Littlefield did look for Martin with a load of lumber-- perhaps he cant come.--tell me all your news in next letter. Dorah encloses kind regards--give the inclosed to Annie and Husband.

With love from your dear husband,
H. P. Iversen

October 25, 1919

To my dear Son-in-Law Roy Whipple !

I feel imprest (impressed) today to write you a short letter-- and enclose in the letter the word of God, from holy Scriptuers (scriptures)-- the onely (only) way that got have pointed out far (for) us his febie (feeble) children to come home to him, in his heavenly Kingdom-- he did mark the way by his obedient Son, Jesus Christ,-- who then was eccepted (accepted) and seated by the Fathers right hand-- father by (love) all his children alik (alike)-- if we will be the same obedient to him-- and why can we not ? Jesus say-- My jock (yoke) is easy and my burden is ligth (light)-- for Reich (rich) and Poor, all alik (alike)-- he also say-- what can it hilp (help) a man if he gain the whole world, and took hurt on his soul-- he ailso (also) say-- sick (seek) first the kingdom of heaven and its rightensmes (righteousness) then all other things whal (shall) be addet (added)-- there is no eccuse (excuse) for eny (any) of us-- If we have but little faight (faith) in our Father in Heaven, we can read Holy Schripturs (scriptures)-- we can bend our knees often in prayer, to our loving father, and truly he will hilp (help) us, mt (isn't) it worth all to do so-- he say-- Son, give me thy Heart. The enneni (enemy) of our salvation by our Redeemer Jesus Christ he is as bussy (busy) led all his way to Hel (hell)-- he have no heavnly (heavenly) glory to prommis (promise) but he incurris (encourages) to all sinful lust etc. etc-- Now my dear friend, I by (love) you as wel (well) as my own souls salvation in the Kingdom of heaven-- and there is but one way- - repent from sin with all your strengt (strength)-- and be baptized for rernition (remission) there of-- and recev (receive) the gift of the holy gost (ghost)-- 0 (oh), how happi (happy) a man you will be-- Comply then to the order of the Church of Christ-- go to the house of God and be married by heavenly Authority, for life to come-- for yet your union is but til (till) death do you part Will you be as kind to answer me, I like to know how you get along Spriitul (Spiritual) and temperel (temporal)-- give my regard to all my folks-- kis (kiss) my Dear Daughter for me-- Indeed sincerly (sincerely) yours, with loving respect. H. P. Iversen

Editors note: This letter had no date but it must have been written in 1919

I will say--My Dear Son and Daughter-- Whipple !

Today will try to answer your last letter to me by giving you a short history of my life--My parents was God fearing--I was educated in the Luthern (Lutheran) Church. In March 1854, I had the first change (chance) in my natav (native) land to atend (attend) a Mormon Meeting--the House crowded fuld (crowed full) of people-- We said, to the missionary-- we came to hear a new Doctrin--we got a quick answer, dear friend-- we got no new Doctrin--Meeting started, with prayer and song--we beleve (believe) in God the etiranl father (Eternal father) in his Son Jesus Christ , and in the holy gost (Holy Ghost)--we beleve (believe) it is mans dutty (duty) to cv (love) God abov (above) all things--and our naibor (neighbor) as us selv (self)--we believ (believe), Jesus is our Redeemr (Redeemer), and example to folow (follow) for to get to father in heaven (Father in Heaven)--We see in the Bible how Christ organist (organized) his church, when he was on the Earth in former days-- we see, aliso (also), that mandkind (man kind) was to weeket (wicked), as a general, to eccept (accept) it--and did full (fail) Jesus and his Apsotles--that the world would kill them--amd fols (false) Prophets would get up Church to sut (suit) themselv (themselves)-- we see that have corn (come) to pass one say-- mine is right, and other say-- mine is right, and other say --mine is right. But Christ told puter (Peter), sign, befor (before)his second coming--that ther (there) would be wars--famien (famine)--pestelenc (pestilence) and the gosple (gospel) of his kingdom should be preached for all nation, and then the end would come--see Mathew 24 cap. 14 v--Revelation 14 cap. 6-7 v.. Engles, (Angels) have come with Heavenly authority to earth again and it is now spreding (spreading) to all nations, etc-we was told ask God in humble prayer--for he cv (love) all his children and we would get yet to understand for us, I then said with in (within) my self (myself), more honnest (honest) preaching I have never heard-- I did go in humble prayer to father in heaven (Father in Heaven), and read the Bible, with out (without) seasing (saying )--l flIt (felt) my salvation was worth all --on the 1 (1st) day of April I was baptized by Heavenly arthoraty (authority) for remition of sins -an receavs (recieves) laying on of hands for the gift holy gost (Holy Ghost)--how sweet more than I can tell--Yet I always have to comply with the comand (command) of Jesus--Watch and pray that you full (fail) not into temtation. In the fall of that year I was ordaind (ordained) in the Prieshood (Priesthood), and sent out as a missionary indeed, I felt my weekness (weakness)--but father hilpt (helped) me--and I led quite a number through the waters (watery) gray (grave) into the fold of Christ-i met with a lot of pursicution (persecution)--was held in prison for about 9 months--in 1859. 1 was releast (released) from mission labor, was advised to take a sister with me to Zion (Utah). We was married in Gods Holy temple- - she bore me 7 children. In 1875 was blessed to again go on a mission to Europe-- I was much blessed on that mission, let (led) a number of souls into the fold of our Redeemer-- and can you believe me (God knew it all the same)-- I was commandet (commanded) by heavenly voices twises (twice) to take two isters with me home, they was pointed before my eyes-- so could not mistake-- we was married in the Temple of God and seald (sealed) for time and all eturniy (eternity)-- in the Resusiction (resurrection) I will not be alone-- they have each bore me 7 children. You say-- you is not a Mormon, but let a man of God, that is a Noble name, do honor it with all your might and strength-- Mormon is a nick name-- Church of Christ-- is the true name-- I wish you woull take my advised (advice)-- as I did, the first missionaries, I did hear-- I was not misled and neither will you be-- drop ever habit there is sinful before our hold father in heaven, bend often knees in humble prayer and may you be able to come into the fold of Clhrist, by baptizm as he set the ecemple (example) for man to follow, and now in this last days so mersifold (merciful) come to me. Come out, of Babylon for I will destroy, the wicket (wicked) word (world)-- read John Rev- 18 Cap. give me that joy that you and my Daughter be married in the house of God, with heavenly Authority-- and the sweetest of all, will be yours-- for ever and ever-- will you be kind to write to me, when your time permits, give my cv (love) to my dear Daughter and Mother, If I did ceep (keep) a team now-- I would call and see you, and most respectfully I close. H. P. Iversen

Editors note: No date is on this letter, but was probably written in Nov. or Dec of 1919

My dear Son-tn-Law !

Your last letter to me indeed made me feel glad--you stated your hope to, strive for heavenly glory--our life here on earth is for, that pupas (purpose) or we can go carlesly (carelessly) and our Dreams will be missery.--l will give you a brife (brief) history of my life.--When I was 18 I did for first time hear the true gosple (gospel) preacht (preached) that the Engle (Angel) had come with, as we ..ee, in Johns revelation 14 Cap. 6-7 verses--The missionary said to me, quit every sinful hapit (habit) and then pray unseasingly (unceaseingly) to father in heaven, to bless you, that you may understand our Redeemer call now our people to come to him--for God will soon destroy the sinful world, with Wars--with famin (famine)---with pestelenses (pestilence) etc. etc.--l truly did feel that such was good advies (advice)--When I did plow in the field, I did stop the team and kneeld in prayer---adking my heavenly Father to guid (guide) me on the road to salvation, and where els (else) I was I did kneel before Father in prayer. God did answer my prayers, and gave me faight (faith) to comply with the gosple (gospel) of his beloved Son, as we read in the Bible,--(do read these for your selv (self))--and I was babtized, as was Jesus Christ---soon I was ordained to the Preasthood (Priesthood), and sent our as a missionairy---that labor I did follow for near 7 years---and by heavely hilp (help), I led many itJ. into fold of our Redeemer. And in this verry (very) word, a vois (voice) from the high said to me--(take her with you home, to be your Wife) Annie's Mother --as soon as we got home--we was married in the St. George Temple.

My ocopation (occupation> have been farming and Mason work.--l have large family of Children, hoping they will follow the path of our Redeemer--and not sink in sinful pleasur (pleasure)--My dear friend every one of us have to work out our own salvation, or els (else) loose (lose) it--our dear Redeemer sayet (said)--What can it hilp (help) a man if he gaind (gained) the whole World, and took dust on his Soul etc---now my loving friend the verry (very> best you can do is like the advies (advice) given to me, drop all sinful doings--and turn to our mersiful (merciful> Father for forgiveness with the terminahion (determination>, not to do the same any more--and then make covenant with God in the Waters of Baptizism, to be his true and faithful son for ever and ever-- then you will be happi (happy> family and be worthy for the blessings of God in his holy Temple--and at the last day---hear the sweet word of God--Well, don (done) thow (thou) faithful Son, come in to my rest--pleace (please) give my lobing regards to Annie and to my dear Wife and to who els (else) you may see of my dear family--I long for them all, my prayers is allways (always) for them. When you have a little spare time be so kind to drop another letter--indeed your loving F. i. law Hans P. Iversen

Editor's Note: This is the only letter we found where he signed his name as Hans

Dec 12, 1919

My Dear Wife Juliana Johannah Dorthe Chr. Iversen

If you knew how I long for your present (presence) then you would come to me when I was commanded (commanded) to take you with me home, to be my wife. I did then think that you would always be with me. That my home would be your home. Even after the flood, I did start to build for me and you both. I have a comfortable home, and all needet (needed) to leiv (live) on. In my Dream, before we got here it was like this

Editors note: Danish paragraph to follow

It seems as we were walking by Eastland, so lovely and green then. Barley fields so beautiful and wonderful, with heavy stems of grain, full grown. We walked hand in hand, and to each other we were very dear. I saw you resting, laying on your own bed, with a small book of Poems you had In your hand. You started to read, and then soon after you sang so sadly. Never have I grieved as much as I can remember.

I think the Dream is fuld filet (full filled). But that word sorgetcan you tell me how that is to be fuul filet. My prayer is always for your good and I wonder have my Dear wife her needet (needed) comfort don’t she suffer cold or need for anything els (else). O (Oh) could I see her every day then I could hilp (help) her. I gave you a bigger shire (share) of my property in Washington, than to my other family. But do you have some good of it. Do the boys hilp (help) you with it. I know you is a good hand to rais (raise) garden if the lot get plowed for you. Then you could raise several hundred dollars of garden stuff for market and for yourselv (yourself) too. Be so kind to tell me how you get along and all of the children. I will tell you how it is here at Littlefield. All is haigthy (healthy) and well. Have plenty to live on. Johepe Reber have built such a fine house it have cost over $4000 and is not yet finnest (finished). All the other familes put money in the bank and have good deal of stock. Wallace have not yet $1000 in the bank. They is all good to pay Tithing and then God is true to his promise. That they get so much thay have not room to take in. Harold Reber is on misson. Tine Reber is married and live in Idaho. Robert Reber married, and Eviline Reber they live on the Mudy (Muddy). Pollick as (has) got Albert Frehners place, his son got him a wife in franch (France), a pretty girl. And several of them there inter married with the Welch. Joph Reber ceep (keep) hotel for travelers take in some times more than $25 a night. Some days have over 40 Automabels (automobiles) past Littlefield. Do give my lov (love) to all who wish to hear from me. Tell Mr Whipple I am waiting for a long letter from him and Annie. He have akt (ask) me to come and visit them next summer. I hope I can. What is Victor, Levi a doing. Be sure to have a hapi (happy) Xmas. Send me letter before New Year. Answer to my quistooms (questions). From your loving husband, now and forever. H. P. Iversen

July 18, 1920

My dear Baby Daughter-- Thank you for letter 0 (Oh) how sweet to hear from my dear children.-- shal (shall) see them all again in this life-- and may we meet beyond-- with our dear Redeemer-- may we from day to day strive to live worthy therefor ?-- I am glad to see Picktur (picture) of my little grandson-- and his Father-- can you think that, I today-- Children-- grand children and grate (great) grandchildren, to number 100 souls--! was commandet to take wifes--has it been in vain? I have been in the mission field, and led 102 souls into the fold of Christ by baptism--! am glad, for that is all progress in my life on earth--but I have allso (also) had an opposition--for my religion sack (sake)--! have been thure (three) times in prison--about 15 months in all-! have two Son-in-laws, that I have not seen--one in Idaho and one in Arizona, even your husband--I thought, I would had a good time with you this summer-- and get so well aquintd (acquainted) with your husband--my grandson--but the hot weather made me so feebe,--I wish I can go next summer, before the hot weather comes--the folds (folks) told me that I could not stand the trip. Ann& Will you do your best to be a good wife to your husband, and baby --and true to Father in Heaven--will you allways (always) remember to kneel in prayer morning and eavning (evening)--Pray for your dear husband--that father will bless him--that you may be united to lern (learn) your son, the rooat (road) to heaven.

I will tell you about your Sister Stine Funk, she did tell me, how she prayed to God--that her first son could grow up and be a good missionary--to bring souls to Christ--She did lern (learn) him to reed (read) the Bible, and other good Books--and aliways (always) to kneel and pray father fo hilp (help) to grow up to be a usful (useful) man--she have told me latly (lately) how thankful she is, her son is a humbel (humble) missionary. Will you strive to be a good hilpmade (helpmate) to your man then he will by (love) you--and your home will be happi (happy)--l hope the day is not far off--that you will get seald (sealed) in, God, Holy temple--and truly be one, as God said to ApostlePeter--What you bind on Earth shal (shall) be looses (loosed) in heaven--Christ Kingdom is again restored and performed the same way--see Revelation 14 Chapter 6-7 v--and menny (many) others plases (places) in holy Books----! sent a letter to Victor at morning and got yours at Night--I hope Dorettas little girl is better -giv my by (love) to Mother--tell her she is a Hopacs (hopeless) to write--she don't know how I long to hear from her--tell my Son-inlaw I like a leter (letter) from him--his letter to me before made me feel happi (happy)--! would like the address to his dear mamma--tell him to inclose it--and say halo (hello)--to him and my grand Son--if you him you can get him to sleep again-- say a word from Pa-- to aM the folks-- goodby (goodbye) my dear Baby girl, may you be blest (blessed) with many happi (happy) days--- H. P. Iversen

Littlefield., August 26, 1920

My dear wife Johannah Dorothea Iverson !

How long since we wrote to one another. Can we forget how near and dear we belong to each other. Oh, no, what is that for talk? James Bundy was here today; he said his brother was to Mt. Pleasant and had a good time there. I wish to write to our folks up there, but have forgot the correct address. Will you send it to me. Send me his full name as did marry your youngest sister. He went from Delta. I think his name is Larsen, but am not sure. Just give me all their names. I had a letter from Doretta not long ago. She said that a bunch of them would come to Littlefield after fruit, but James Bundy told me he thought they got it in Washington fields.

I am so lonesome for to see my sons and daughters and grandchildren. The warm weather is so hard on me this summer. If all go well you will see me at Trumbul next summer, and before it get too hot. Dora is well and Wallas and family; Daina is soon going to her parents for a while.

Do you keep house for Willard and Nilla. We often hear from Delta. All is well there.

Walter made us a visit a while ago. I have had letter from Victor and Martin and Lillie and. several of grandchildren. Will you answer me soon? Can Nilla write for you.

Let me also knave the correct account with Brother Cannon, so I can ask of him as I need to. I do always remember you in my prayers to Father above. Have you anything new to tell me? I am glad you is all well at Trumbul. From your loving husband, H. P. Iverson.