This document contains an email sent by Caleb at 10:30pm on December 11, 2016, followed by responses by members of the Waite-Blacker family.
Tonight at 9:45, Grishnak, our dear little friend crossed that rainbow bridge and entered into eternal peace.  We are sad.  Vera and I have had him in our lives from the very beginning of our union and it feels now as if a piece of that is gone.  Given to us by Amy, he has been a fixture of our family and home.  

I understand and even forgive those of you who are rejoicing at this moment.  It can't be said that he didn't love his family.  He was indeed a fierce and devoted protector.

"There are men both good and wise,
who hold that in a future state,
dumb creatures we have cherished here below,
shall give us joyous greeting when we pass the golden gate,
Oh, how earnestly I pray it may be so."

Dear Vera, Caleb and Girls,

We are sorry for your real feelings of loss.  We know what a part Grishnak was in your lives, (and ours) We feel sorry now that when you were here last, we said that when Grishnak died, all the rest of us would have a party.  We all have our Grishnak stories of our personal encounters with him.  One of mine was of a particular time when he and I had a sort of Mexican standoff after he had attacked my leg and I had retaliated with a swat from a rolled up National Geographic.  We sort of stared each other down and then each stomped away to cool off.

For a Dead Kitten
Put the rubber mouse away,
Pick the spools up from the floor.
What was velvet shod and gay
Will not want them anymore.

What was warm is strangely cold.
Whence dissolved the little breath?
How could this small body hold
So immense a thing as Death.

Again, we are sorry for your sadness.
Love, MOM and DAD, G-ma and G-pa

PS  I meant to add this little poem to my email, but couldn't remember where I had it until just now.
My favorite Grishnak memory is when Caleb told our girls that they would be safe from him if they put one hand on their noses and the other hand in the air whenever he got close. There were a lot of girls walking around touching their noises and pointing at the ceiling that weekend.

Let's hope the angels know to do the same.

I remember I was staying in the bedroom/storeroom in the basement of the house in Heyburn shortly after my mission. Grishnak was staying there while Caleb and Vera were out of the country . All night for several nights, Grishnak jumped up and down on the storage shelves. The little bell on his collar was jingling all night long. 

Grishnak , you will be missed!

Grishnak and I had a little bit of a friendship for a few days.  It didn't last long but it softened my heart toward him.  It was during the time, a week or so before Amy died, that she and I were staying at Caleb and Vera's house so she could be close to the hospital.  Amy had talked me into watching one of the X Files episodes.  Caleb and Vera had the DVD but Caleb wouldn't even stay in the room while we watched it.  (Bah!)  I should have known then to just tell Amy no!  Anywho, we eventually went to bed, Amy on the living room hide-a-bed and me on the floor of one of the bedrooms.  I had to leave the bedroom door open to be able to hear Amy if she needed help.  Oh, the terror!  Not even being able to shut the door after being scared witless and knowing Grishnak was lurking somewhere, in the vicinity, just waiting for my eyes to close and my breathing to indicate it was the opportune time to strike.  Amy had her CPAP and could cover her face with a blanket but I was left defenseless, a weak, quivering shell of a woman on the floor.  It was a long, long night.  He got my ankles a couple of times when I had to walk the dreadful path from the bedroom to the living room to check on Amy.  The worse part, however, were the hours that passed when I would fall asleep for a few moments only to be awakened with a sure knowledge that he was sitting right by me..watching..waiting.  Sometimes I could see him but most of the time I could just hear him or better yet, sense him.

The next day I decided there was no way I was going to spend another night like that so I worked really hard to befriend him.  And we made progress!  What a beautiful creature he was too!  I really do think he wanted badly to be friendly but just couldn't abide it for very long.  The next couple of nights were better though.  Of course he had forgotten our truce the next time I returned. 

He really was a beautiful cat!  I am sorry for your sadness, Caleb, Vera and girls!

One of my favorite memories was when Caleb and Vera lived above Bob's garage. We were there and Grishnak would run and slide underneath their tv and then peer at you from underneath. Another was that same day when Caleb threw him at me and then looked on in glee as Grishnak attached my thigh with quick, sharp jabs that tore my brand new jeans. There was one time however when Caleb and family were in Ireland and I stopped by to feed him. He must have been so lonely because he ran up to me and let me pet him. I think we can probably all say with sincerity, "what a cat!" There will never be another one like him.

I hate to admit that I never became friends with Grishnak.  But he didn't try very hard either.  I do remember Caleb taught my little girls, who were terrified of him, that if they put their index finger of one hand on their nose and raised the other hand straight up in the air as they walked by him, then Grishnak wouldn't jump at them.  It was funny to see them do this every time they ran by him.  I do remember also Caleb had taught him some tricks he would perform.  Ironically, its is orneriness (sp?) that has made him so memorable to all of us.  Thats why I try to be as grouchy as I can whenever I visit family.

Hello Family,

Caleb and Vera -- We too offer our condolences. It has been fun to read everyone's memories of Grishnak. I hope that when I pass on there will be such fond memories shared also.

WE love Grishnak and feel that Heavenly Father gave us pets for comfort and joy.  WE are sad he is gone.  Maybe he is being taught the gospel right now and repenting of his feline ways.   We shall see