Waite-Blacker Photos

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1. Laron and Ruth

2. Marriage License

3. Temple Marriage Certificate

4. Just Married 28 February 1964, Idaho Falls Temple

5. Just Married 28 February 1964, Idaho Falls Temple

6. Wedding Reception 29 February 1964, Rupert First Ward Meetinghouse. Mabel Blacker, Ruth, Beth Blacker

7. Loyn & Mabel Blacker, Rodney, Marie & Gary Waite, Laron and Ruth, Beth Blacker and Pat Waite

8. Ruth

9. Laron and Ruth

10. Laron and Ruth with gift table

11. Gary Waite, Laron and Ruth, Beth Blacker and Pat Waite

12. Our first apartment at 220 West Montana Avenue in Homedale, Idaho

13. Our first apartment at 220 West Montana Avenue in Homedale, Idaho

14. Our bedroom window is the top left and the living room is the top right.

15. The door on the left is the entrance to our apartment. The door on the right leads to a basement apartment.

16. The stairs leading to the apartment door.

17. The bathroom cutrtains are made from some of our wedding towels.

18. Ruth with her Primary Blazers on a hike in Succor Creek.

19. Ruth with her Primary Blazers on a hike in Succor Creek.

20. Ruth and Laron at the ghost town, Silver City, Idaho.

21. Ruth, Laron and Mark Waite on Succor Creek.

22. Mark, Ruth and Laron skipping rocks on Succor Creek.

23. Ruth, Mark and Julie on Succor Creek.

24. Laron cooking strips of roast on Jump Creek. Notice the gallon jug of root beer.

25. Laron cooking strips of roast on Jump Creek.

26. Ruth on Jump Creek.

27. Our cats, Echo and Cat.

28. Laron at Deadwood Reservoir.

29. Laron at Deadwood Reservoir.

30. Ruth next to the stream that feeds Deadwood Reseroir.

31. Laron preparing for a camping trip to Boiling Springs.

32. Duplex apartments at 815 A Street, Rupert, Idaho. Our's is the one on the left.

33. Our apartment at 815 A Street, Rupert, Idaho.

34. Our apartment at 815 A Street, Rupert, Idaho.

35. Ruth, Laron and Beth at the 1964 Blacker Family Reunion at Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. Ruth is wearing her first homemade maternity dress.

36. Laron and Cat in our apartment after church.

37. Laron on our first Christmas.

38. Ruth and Cat at our first Christmas.

39. Ruth and Cat.

40. Ruth and Cat.

41. Ruth and Cat.

42. Ruth on our first Christmas.

43. Ruth in January 1965 just before our first child, Adin, was born.

43a. Our first child, Adin Laron, born 23 January 1965 in the Rupert Hospital.

44. Ruth, Adin and Laron at Minidoka Dam.

45. Ruth and Adin in our Volkswagon.

46. Ruth and Adin at the home we rented from Mr. Brezeal, 100 West, 400 South, Heyburn, Idaho.

47. Adin and Laron in Heyburn.

48. Ruth and Adin in Heyburn.

49. Ruth, Adin and Cat in Heyburn.

50. Ruth, Adin and Cat in Heyburn.

51. Adin's first birthday in Heyburn. Notice the oil heater.

52. Adin's first birthday.

53. Adin's first birthday.

54. Cat and Adin in Heyburn.

55. Ruth, Adin and Grandpa Rodney Waite in Heyburn.

56. Adin and Grandma Marie Waite.

57. Our horse Lady in Heyburn.

57a. Our second child Jennifer Ruth, born 9 October 1966 in the Rupert Hospital.

58. Adin and Jenny in Grandpa and Grandma Blacker's home in Rupert.

59. A double exposure. The front shows Ruth bathing Adin and Jenny. The back shows us sitting on our couch.

60. Adin at Christmas 1966 in Heyburn.

61. Adin, Ruth and Laron at Christmas 1966 in Heyburn.

62. Grandma Waite and Jenny Christmas 1966.

63. Grandma Waite, Jenny and Adin in Heyburn.

64. Julie and Adin riding Lady with Ruth leading in Heyburn.

65. Laron, Grandpa Waite and Julie playing crouqet in Heyburn.

66. Ruth riding Lady in Heyburn.

67. Anita, Rick and Mark unloading furniture in August 1967 at our home at 1816 Yale Court, Boise, Idaho.

68. Adin in front of our house at 1816 Yale Court in Boise.

69. Pam Pinn's apartment behind our Boise home.

70. Adin, Jenny and Laron washing our car in Boise.

71. Adin and Jenny in our backyard in Boise.

72. Ruth, Jenny and Adin on St. Patick's Day 1968 in Boise.

73. Adin and Jenny, St.Patrick's Day in Boise.

74. Adin and Laron repairing our Volkswagon in Boise.

75. Adin and Jenny in Boise.

76. Adin, Grandpa Blacker and Jenny in Boise.

77. Ruth and Jenny in Boise.

78. Adin and Jenny in Boise.

79. Adin and Jenny in Boise.

80. Ruth in the back yard in Boise.

81. Laron and Adin mowing the lawn.

82. Adin peering at Ruth and Jenny on the back steps.

83. Adin taking a picture of Aunt Beth. The cat is the neighbor's.

84. Jenny's second birthday.

85. Jenny and Adin in the front yard. The Gockley's house is in the background.

86. Jenny, Laron and Adin feeding the ducks and geese in Ann Morrison Park, Boise.

87. Adin, Jenny and Laron on the slide at Julia Davis Park, Boise.

88. Ruth and Adin on the slide at Julia Davis Park.

89. Jenny on the slide at Julia Davis Park.

90. Ruth, Jenny and Adin at the zoo in Julia Davis Park.

91. Adin and Jenny watching the coyotes at the zoo in Julia Davis Park.

92. Ruth and Jenny feeding the elk at the zoo in Julia Davis Park.

93. Adin holding a fish at Ann Morrison Park, Laron fishing.

94. Beth and Terry Levanger, Adin, Laron and Ruth, Jenny, Rick and Anita Waite on Rabbit Creek near Idaho City.

95. Laron and Adin looking for a Christmas tree north of Boise.

96. Rick, Laron, Anita, Adin, Beth, Terry, Jenny in the hills northeast of Boise.

97. Laron, Adin and Jenny

98. Laron, Adin, Grandma Mabel Blacker, Mary Blacker Chugg, Jenny in front, Grandpa Loyn Blacker holding Victoria Chugg, John Blacker in back and Cat at Terry's and Beth's home in Boise.

99. Jenny and Adin at Terry's and Beth's home in Boise.

100. Adin showing the cut he made in a tree at Terry's and Beth's in Boise.

101. Jenny, David Beck, Adin and Laron on a creek near Lost Lake.

102. Jenny, Adin and Ruth climbing rocks near Lost Lake.

103. Laron, Beck baby in play pen, Annette Beck, Adin, Jenny and Steve Beck at Lost Lake.

104. Glenn Stott, Laron, Terry and John ready to go rabbit hunting at Grandpa and Grandma Blacker's home in Rupert. Adin, Jenny and Ruth can be seen in the window.

105. Jenny in the Home Furniture store in Rupert.

106. Adin and Jenny flying a kite at the "pink house" in Emmett.

107. Jenny and Adin flying an airplane in Emmett.

108. Adin and Jenny playing at being Indians in Emmett.

109. Jenny AND Adin watching TV in Emmett.

110. Jenny and Adin helping Laron clean the yard in Emmett.

111. Adin and Jenny in Emmett.

112. Jenny and Adin playing house in Emmett.

113. Jenny's fourth birthday in Emmett.

114. This photo appeared in the Emmett newspaper.

114a. Our third child Amy born 9 April 1970 at the Walter Knox Hospital in Emmett.

115. Adin playing with Amy in Emmett.

116. Amy and Adin in Emmett.

117. Amy and Laron in Emmett.

118. Mark Waite and Jenny in the hills east of Emmett.

119. Laron and Amy at Black Canyon Dam north of Emmett.

120. Jenny, Amy and Adin in Emmett.

121. The site of our future home four miles northeast of Emmett.

122. The hills behind our property in Emmett.

123. Laron, Amy, Beth and Terry on our hill in Emmett.

124. Laron and Amy on the hill.

125. Laron in Emmett.

126. Painting the kids' bedroom in the new house.

127. Laron and Amy in the kids' bedroom.

128. Map of our property four miles east of Emmett.

128a. Our fourth child Ethan David, born 11 August 1971 in Walter Knox Hospital in Emmett.

129. Adin and Jenny in the front yard of the new home.

130. Laron, Ethan and Amy in the front yard.

131. Amy and Ethan in the new house.

132. Amy and Ethan sitting of the Dragon Log in the front of the house.

133. Ethan and Amy at Black Canyon Park.

134. Jenny, Ethan, Ruth, Amy, Laron and Adin in Emmett.

134a. Our fifth child Ryan Paul, born 25 September 1973 in Walter Knox Hospital.

135. Ruth leaving Walter Knox Hospital with Ryan.

136. Adin, Amy, Jenny and Ethan, Halloween 1973.

137. Kids with Jack o' Lanterns, 1973.

138. Amy, Adin, Jenny and Ethan in front.

139. Adin, Ethan, Jenny and Amy. Ruth and Ryan are indoors because of Ryan's heart murmer.

140. Amy, Adin and Ethan. Notice the new lawn and the petunias.

141. Kids coming up the driveway.

142. Laron and Ryan on Blaze. Our shed is in the background.

143. Grandma Leoma Iverson, Amy, Jenny, Ethan and Adin. Ruth, Laron and Ryan are in the back.

144. Ryan, Amy and Ethan.

145. Jenny, Ethan, Laron, Adin, Amy and Mark Waite, playing a board game in the dining room.

146. The dining room table and chairs.

146a. Our sixth child Chelsea Marie born 28 January 1975 in Emmett.

147. Ethan, Ruth, Ryan, Laron and Amy welcoming Chelsea home.

148. Grandpa Rodney Waite on the couch, Grandma Marie Waite holding Chelsea and Ruth in the living room.

149. Grandma Waite, Kids and Cochise on the front lawn. The kids slept outside.

150. Chelsea and Laron.

151. Ryan and Chelsea.

152. Chelsea and Ryan with pictures of the General Authorities on the wall.

153. Amy, Jenny, Chelsea, Ryan, than and Adin.

154. A picnic in our gully/garden.

155. Ruth in her pink poodle dress, Chelsea and Ethan in Grandpa and Grandma Waite's home.

156. Ryan, Ethan and Chelsea with Cochise.

156a. Our seventh child Megan Laurie born 23 February 1977 in Emmett.

157. Megan and Laron in Emmett.

158. View of the house, kids and the car "Shivering Elizabeth" from the driveway.

159. View from Frozen Dog Road.

160. Laron and the kids going up the driveway.

161. Megan and Ruth in our new home on South River Drive in Heyburn, 1977.

162. Megan, Chelsea and Ryan in the living room in Heyburn.

163. Same as # 162.

164. Ethan, Jenny, Chelsea, Ruth, Megan, Amy Adin and Ryan on Temple Square in 1977.

165. Ryan, Chelsea and Ethan in the Burley wading pool.

166. Kids in the living room, December 1977.

167. Kids with their Christmas presents. They painted the Christmas mural in the background.

168. Kids swimming in the Snake River on the community lot.

169. The family making a rock garden in the front yard.

170. Jenny and Megan.

171. Ryan, Chelsea and friend.

171a. Our eighth child Jarom Edward born 11 August 1978 in Burley, Idaho.

172. Ruth and Jarom in Grandpa and Grandma Waite's home in Homedale.

173. Ruth, Jarom and Laron in Homedale.

174. The family in Heyburn.

175. Grandpa and Grandma Waite with the kids.

176. Easter breakfast at Grandpa and Grandma Waite's in 1979.

177. Easter at Grandpa and Grandma Waite's in 1979. Mandy is between Chelsea and Ryan.

178. Grandma Mabel Blacker, Ryan, Jarom, Megan and Ruth in Rupert.

179. The kids standing by a new drainfield in Heyburn.

180. Chelsea and Megan on the back patio in Heyburn.

181. Adin, Cochise, Megan and Jenny in the back yard.

182. Squash harvest in Heyburn.

183. Ruth and Jarom in Homedale.

184. Ethan, Jarom, Megan and Ryan on the back patio.

185. First day of school for Ethan, Jenny, Amy, Adin and Stacy Edwards. Ryan wanted to be in the picture.

186. Jarom and Grandpa Waite building a swing made of poles.

186a. Our ninth child Caleb Sean born 23 September 1980 in Burley.

187. Family portrait fall 1980. Front from the left: Megan, Ryan, Ruth holding Caleb, Laron and Chelsea. Back from the left: Amy, Adin, Jenny and Ethan.

188. Megan and Adin riding the pony in Heyburn.

189. Caleb and Ruth in Heyburn.

190. Megan and Caleb

191. Kids trying to ride the pony.

192. Megan and Amy in Homedale.

193. Megan and Chelsea in Heyburn.

194. Grandpa Rodney Waite and Caleb in Heyburn.

195. Loading a cow (Alma) to transport from Homedale to Heyburn.

196. Megan and Laron with Alma and her calf, Alma the Younger, in Heyburn.

197. Ryan with cousins in the back at a family mud football game.

197a. Our tenth child Morgan Jacob born 5 March 1982 in Burley, Idaho.

198. Caleb in mid toss to Adin.

199. Grandma Marie Waite with Morgan in Heyburn.

200. Ruth and Morgan in Heyburn.

201. Morgan, Chelsea, Megan, Caleb and Jarom. Ryan and Amy in the back.

202. Ethan and Keith Iverson near Keith's ranch in Utah.

203. Family portrait 1982. Front from the left: Jarom, Megan, Morgan and Caleb. Middle from the left: Chelsea, Adin, Ruth, and Laron.

204. The begining of another school year Adin, Ryan, Chelsea, Ethan, Amy and Jenny.

205. Chelsea and Morgan in the back yard.

206. Adin and Ryan preparing for Adin's mission.

207. Front Ryan and Morgan, back Megan and Chelsea.

208. Ready for a 24th July parade. Front Megan and Jarom, back Amy, Ryan, Ethan and Chelsea.

209. Giving Homer a bath in the wheel barrow in Heyburn.

210. Caleb, Jarom, Ryan and Megan in Heyburn on Ryan's birthday with Moroni (Uncle Mac) Waite on the couch.

211. Amy, Jenny, Ryan and Chelsea as members of "The Order is Love" cast.

212. Adin and Caleb.

213. Megan, Caleb, Morgan and Jarom.

214. Caleb and Morgan trying to create an accident.

215. Megan and Chelsea with Homer.

216. Megan, Jarom, Caleb and Morgan in Heyburn.

217. Caleb, Jared Levanger, Jarom, Sarah Chugg, Megan and Morgan at Grandpa and Grandpa Blacker's place in Rupert.

218. Chelsea and Megan starting on their paper route.

219. Halloween costumes in Heyburn. Morgan is sitting in the front with Megan, Jaroma and Caleb behind him. Ethan, Ryan, Chelsea and Amy are in the back.

219a. Our eleventh child Cameron Rodney born 29 November 1985 in Burley, Idaho.

220. Laron and Cameron.

221. Adin returning from his mission to Mexico.

222. Ruth and Cameron at the airport when Adin came home.

223. Adin and Cameron at their first meeting.

224. The family in Heyburn after Adin's return from his mission.

225. Morgan, Cameron and Caleb.

226. Cameron

227. Morgan, Amy, Cameron and Jenny. The brace(Bob) in front of Jenny was for Amy after her back surgery.

228. Caleb, Morgan, Cameron and Jarom in Homedale.

229. Megan on Nicky in Heyburn.

230. The War Department, Cameron, Morgan, Caleb and Jarom in Homedale.

231. Jenny returning from her mission in Chile.

232. Same as # 231

233. Same as # 231

234. Celebration for Grandma Leoma Iverson's 90th birthday in August 1988, in St. George, Utah.

235. Family gathering for Adin's marriage to Eve Wadsworth in St. George, Utah, 18 August 1988.

236. Cameron and friends.

237. Morgan in costume for fourth grade Idaho History program.

238. Family in Homedale. Ruth is holding our first grandchild, Mariah, Eve and Adin are on the right.

239. Front: Cameron, Morgan, Caleb, Jarom and Megan. Back: Ryan and Chelsea.

240. Megan and Chelsea with idiot in back.

241. Ryan's birthday with Camden, Caleb and Sariah in Heyburn.

242. Boys trying to take down Adin in Jenny's, Amy's and Ethans' apartment in Provo, Utah.

243. Megan and Grandpa Loyn Blacker.

244. Front: Rryan, Jarom, Morgan, Caleb and Cameron. Back: Jenny, Amy, Laron, Ethan, Ruth, Megan, Eve holding Mariah, Adin and Chelsea.

245. Amy holding mission application.

246. Camping north of McCall, Idaho at Waite-Iverson Reunion.

247. Jarom, Cameron, Ethan and Caleb dressed in clothing Ethan brought from Isreal.

248. Morgan and Ryan dressed in clothing Ethan brought from Isreal.

249. Ryan wielding a Bedouin knife.

250. Ethan and Ryan cutting ham.

251. Adin, Ethan and Ryan as Ethan prepares for his mission to Venezuela.

252. Grandma Mabel Blacker, Ethan, Grandma Marie Waite and Grandpa Loyn Blacker when Ethan was set apart for his mission.

253. Ruth, Ethan and Grandma Waite at the Provo Temple.

254. Amy pretending to fall off of a cliff.

255. Caleb and Megan slow motion baseball.

256. Jenny with Ethan in the MTC

257. Laron' birthday with Chelsea, Jarom, Cameron and Morgan.

258. Cameron, Sariah and Mariah with Ruth's Primary visual aids.

259. Amy, Craig and Jenny.

260. Laron, Ruth and Amy on Amy's wedding day in Idaho Falls.

261. Grandma Blacker, Ryan and Grandpa Blacker in Rupert.

262. Ryan's seminary graduation.

263. Ryan after his high school graduation.

264. Ruth with her Aunt Dorothy Martin in Hilliard, Wyoming.

265. Chelsea and Craig working on the basement ceiling in Heyburn.

266. Chelsea, Ryan, Sariah and Megan.

267. Morgan, Jarom, Caleb, Laron and Ruth on White Bird Hill reading about a battle in the Nez Perce War.

268. Jarom, Ryan, Ethan and Morgan at the Twin Falls Airport when Ethan returned from his mission.

269. Megan and Chelsea.

270. Amy, Ryan, Ruth, Laron and Rick at the Salt Lake Airport when Ryan leaving for his mission.

271. Ryan leaving for Russia.

272. Cameron and Mariah in Clifton, Idaho.

273. Caleb standing on Ethan's head at the City of Rocks in Almo, Idaho.

274. Sariah an Chelsea in Lehi, Utah.

275. Ryan returning from his mission.

276. Family portrait in 1994. Front from the left: Cameron, Chelsea, Laron, Jenny, Amy and Megan. Back from the left: Morgan, Ryan, Adin, Ruth, Ethan, Jarom and Caleb.

277. Family portrait in 1994. Front from the left: Mariah, Chelsea, Eve holding Hannah, Laron holding Camden, Jenny holding Tristan, Amy holding Sariah, Megan and Cameron. Back from the left: Morgan, Jarom, Ryan, Adin, Ruth, Ethan, Rick and Caleb.

278. Chelsea and Megan.

279. Sariah, Megan, Chelsea, Jenny and Ethan.

280. Nathan, Chelsea and Sariah in Lehi.

281. Adin, Laron, Chelsea, Ruth and Ryan at the Ogden Temple.

282. Chelsea as a missionary and Ethan as an instructor in the MTC.

283. Chelsea leaving for her mission.

284. Amy and Nathan with Chelsea as she returns from Argentina.

285. Morgan, Ryan and Rachel in Heyburn.

286. Caleb as a nylon head in Heyburn.

287. Morgan, Megan and Ruth at Yellowstone National Park.

288. Caleb and Chelsea in Isreal.

289. Caleb, Chelsea and Ethan with friends in Natanya, Isreal.

290. The family with Jarom in the airport as he leaves for his mission in Veneseula.

291. Laron and Jarom.

292. Jarom leaving for his mission.

293. Jarom, Jason, Cameron and Morgan in Heyburn.

294. Laron, Caleb and Ruth in Heyburn

295. At the airport with Caleb as he leaves for his mission in Russia.

296. Morgan and Autumn.

297. Our dog Smeagol.

298. Rachel, Sariah, Ruth and Autumn in Heyburn

299. Isaac, Caleb, Megan and Amy in Heyburn after Caleb returned from his mission.

300. Laron, Ruth, Grandma Marie Waite and Morgan just before his mission to Bulgaria.

301. Morgan in Bulgaria.

302. Morgan in Bulgaria.

303. Cameron at the MTC in Lima, Peru.

304. Cameron at the MTC in Lima, Peru.

305. Cameron at the MTC in Lima, Peru.

306. Laron and Ruth alone!