The Nevada was built by Palmer's Shipbuilding & Iron Co., Newcastle, England in 1868. It was the first straight stemmed vessel of the Guion Line and began its maiden voyage in February, 1869 in Liverpool and sailed to New York. Its burthen was 3,125 tons, with dimensions of 345' x 43'. It had one funnel and two masts and used a single-screw powered by an inverted engine, with a speed of 11 knots. Its sister ship was the Idaho.

In 1881 the tonnage was increased to 3,617 and compound engines were installed.

In 1893 it was sold to the Dominion Line and renamed the Hamilton. It was scrapped in 1896.

The Nevada was chartered by the church to carry return missionaries and converts from Liverpool, England to New York. They left Liverpool on 18 October, 1871 and arrived in New York on 1 November, 1871.

Records of the journey can be found in the Mormon Immigration Index. The following information is from that index.

"FOR ZION. -- Shortly after noon on Wednesday, 18th instant, the magnificent steamship, the Nevada, steamed out of the Mersey with 300 souls of the Saints on board, under the presidency of Elder George H. Peterson. Of this company about 70 souls were from Scandinavia, the remainder from various portions of the British Mission. When we left the ship the Saints appeared quite content and very happy, the arrangements for their comfort being excellent. Besides Elder Peterson, Elders Thomas Woolley, N. C. Edlefsen, Peter Brown and W. C. Anderson, returning missionaries, left with this company; also Elders J. Alford, N. P. Jensen, James Lavender and James Gale from Utah who have been paying visits to their friends in Europe. . . ."

"Wed. 18. [Oct. 1871] -- The steamship Nevada sailed from Liverpool, England, with 300 Saints, in charge of George H. Peterson. The company arrived at New York, Nov. 11th."

". . . Still another company of emigrating Saints from Scandinavia, numbering 71 souls (the third company of the season), sailed from Copenhagen per steamer 'Najaden' Oct. 13, 1871, in charge of Elders Peter A. Bruun, Niels C. Edlefsen and Niels P. Jensen (the latter having visited relatives in Skane, since May 28, 1871). This little company of Saints had a successful voyage to England and in Liverpool the Scandinavian emigrants joined about 230 British Saints and sailed from that port per steamer 'Nevada' Oct. 18th, in charge of Elder George H. Peterson. Elder Peter A. Bruun was placed in charge of the Scandinavian Saints. After a rather rough and unpleasant voyage across the Atlantic, the company arrived safely in New York, Nov 1st. Thence the journey westward was resumed on the 3rd by railway, via Pittsburg and Chicago. On the plains, at Pole Lodge station, the train got stuck in the snow for 12 hours. Finally, by the assistance of four locomotives with snow plows, the track was cleared and the train proceeded on its way, arriving in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Nov. 11, 1871. . . ."

The passengers shown in the first image are Martha England Clark, and her daughters with their family.

This image shows William Noble Waite and Rebecca Gibbins and their children as passengers.