August 21, 2017, Solar Eclipse, Rexburg, Idaho

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1. Abby, Autumn, Eden and Emily attaching eclipse glasses to paper plates for children to wear

2. Hannah, Eve, ? and Jeanette making a filter for the telescope

3. Chelsea taking a photo before the eclipse

4. Ossie and Liam

5. Eliza

6. Liam

7. Jason

8. Megan with Maren in the background

9. Autumn and Hallie

10. Drew, Mariah, Autumn, Abby and Hallie

11. Emma, Ryan and Eliza

12. Assorted viewers

13. Viewers

14. Jenny and Emily

15. Jarom, Jenna and Trista

16. Isaac and Eli, with Adin, Jeanette, Camden, Rick and Jason in the background

17. Rick, Adin, Jarom and Drew in the background with Camden and Jeanette in front

18. Adin and Emily

19. Camden

20. Jenny, Jeanette and Camden

21. Ivy holding Declan, Eve, Jenna, Leah and Trista

22. Sam behind the telescope, Emily, Jenny and Rick

23. Adin

24. Megan

25. Adin and Lydia

26. Eclipse showing through a pinprick

27. Ruth

28. Olvia, Ryan Sophie and Leah

29. ... and Sam

30. Jason, Chelsea, Autumn, Emma, Eden, Lydia, Ivy and Eliza

31. Isaac, Katie, Megan, Ellie and Abby

32. Same

33. Morgan, Trista, Lettie, Liam and Ozzie

34. The Eclipse

35. Oh! the joy!!