Plants, Animals, Nine, Purple, Round

Dear Grandchildren,

We are learning about plants and animals, and what the difference is. Sometimes it is hard to know if a thing is a plant or an animal. Here is one way to tell. Animals can move around all by themselves, and plants can't. Here is a guessing game.

Today is nine day. Make a ball and a line. "Nine, nine, nine!" A nine looks like a balloon on a stick, doesn't it? Make some nines and do your counting box. Just think about how smart you are getting to be because you can put the right numbers of counters in the right places! Always put your counters back in the bag and put everything back in the place where you keep your counting things. You don't want to be messy!

Today's color is purple. When we mix red and blue, we get purple. Isn't that fun? Just think of all the things that are purple. Some pansies are purple and we can find purple grapes. Sometimes when we fall down, our owies turn purple. Make your ice cream purple today.

When I was a little girl in the first grade, my teacher taught us a song called, "Little Purple Pansies. I will sing it to you and then you will know it too.

Little Purple Pansies touched with yellow gold,
Blooming in the corner of the garden old.
You are very tiny, but must try, try, try,
Just one spot to gladden, you and I.

When I see purple pansies, it makes me feel glad and happy.

Are you ready for the next page of the Round Book? This one will say, "Round is a donut." Donuts have holes in the middle, don't they? Maybe you want to put frosting on your donut and maybe little sprinkles. That will be fun! Also "Round is a plum". Plums are fruits and most of them are purple like the pansy.

Well, we have had a very busy day, haven't we? It is fun to learn new things and work hard. When you cut out the round pages, cut along the lines very carefully. Will you remember to put your scissors in the scissors place? What about your purple crayon. Can you put it back in the crayon box? We always try to put things away when we use them.

Love, smiles and squishie hugs!

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