Plants, Moon, Eight, Green, Round

Dear Grandchildren,

Once I was in our garden picking beans and tomatoes that we had planted. Some of our pole beans that grow very tall, had started climbing into the apple tree. I think I heard them saying, "Here comes funny, funny Grandma.  She will think we are long green apples!"  Those beans are so silly.  I'll bet you can draw a really pretty picture of green beans and pretty red tomatoes.

Beans and tomatoes are plants. The apple tree is a plant too.  There are many, many plants that Heavenly Father made for us.  Lila, our horse, is tied up to the apple tree to eat grass out there.  Grass is a plant, too. Is Lila a plant? What do you think? No, Lila isn't a plant. She is an animal. Can you name two plants and two animals?

We have talked about the moon a lot. Did you know that on the moon there are no plants or animals at all?  Some men flew there in a space ship, and walked on the moon, and there is no air, or plants, or animals or water. I am glad I don't live on the moon, aren't you?

The moon has mountains and when we look at it, we can see dark spots.  Some people think the dark spots make the moon look like it has a face.  Some people think it looks like a man's face, and we call it, "the man in the moon."  Can you look at it and kind of see the man in the moon?  There is an old song that goes, "I'm in love with the man in the moon.  I'm going to marry him soon."  That is only a little part of the song.  What a funny song!

Some people think the moon has a woman's face.  Listen to this...

See the moon.
She's shining up there;
Oh, Mother, she looks
Like a lamp in the air.

Last week she was smaller
And shaped like a bow,
But now she's grown bigger
And round like an O!  (or a zero)

What will be today's number?  Let's count.  Zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. What is next?  Eight!  Who is helping you draw some dotted eights?  Tell them "please" and "thank you for your help."  We make an eight, just like making an "s", and then going back up to where we started.  Some people that skate on ice, can skate figure eights.  "Around, and around and around we skate. Eight, eight, eight!"

Counting boxes!  We will soon be finished using all the counters for our counting boxes, and then you can just do it when you want.

If you mix yellow and blue you get green. Let's do another ice cream cone and color it green. Do you know other things that are green?  There are green grapes and green grass and green apples. Ask somebody to please print out the green color page and don't forget to tell them thank you. Remember what we learned about good manners and saying please and thank you. Now you have another color to find in your house. I spy with my little eye something that is green.

We are going to talk about shapes. We are going to learn what kinds of things are round. We know that sometimes the moon is round. We will make a book called "My Round Book" It will be fun. You can print out papers with pictures of things that are round to color. There will be one sheet to print out every day with two round pages on it. You or somebody else can cut out the two round pages very carefully. Then please save them after you color them and next time print out another sheet. When we finish all the pages, you can staple them together at the top and read your very own round book. Do you know how to cut? Only do it with somebody watching you. Do you know how to carry scissors if you are walking? Carefully hold them by the handle with one hand, with the pointy parts looking down at the floor. Then if you fall, they won't poke you in your eyes. OUCH!!! That would be awful!!! Never run with scissors, and don't even walk with them if you don't have to.

The first page says, "Round is a pancake". We love pancakes. This one has a funny face with eyes and a smile made of raisins, and a nose made of butter. The other page says, "Round is a drum". Can you see the drumsticks to pound on the drum with, and make a boom, boom, boom noise? So today, start with the first page to print.

Tonight, when you get ready for bed, look at the moon. Is it round? If it is, see if you can see the man in the moon.  Put all of your clothes away, and put your kissing shoes in the closet.  Then don't forget your prayers.  Heavenly Father and Mommy and Daddy will watch you all night, and keep you warm and cozy and safe.  Grandpa and Grandma love you.

Love, smiles and squishy hugs,

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