Moon Story, Seven, Orange, Pray

Dear Grandchildren,

Did you color the picture of the cat and the fiddle with the cow jumping over the moon? Here is a long, long story about the moon, and a little bear that wanted to hold it.

The Bear who Wanted the Moon

Wee Baby Bear and Mama Bear
Walked out to get some nice fresh air.
And until late that afternoon,  
The wee bear waved his red balloon.

Now Baby Bear laughed out with glee
As the round moon rose above a tree.
He threw away his red balloon
And cried, "Oh. oh, oh.  I want the moon!"

"Oh, Baby Bear", the big bear said.
"You should keep your red balloon instead,
For surely neither you nor I,
Can bring the moon down from the sky."

The Baby Bear said, "Just watch me."
And he climbed into the nearest tree.
But though he stood up very tall,
He could not touch the moon at all.

Wee Bear climbed down and ran ahead.
"Where are you going?" his mother said.
"I'm going to find someone," said he,
"To get that big round moon for me."

He met a tall giraffe, and said,
"Sir, stretch your neck and lift your head,
And bring that moon down from the sky."
The giraffe said, "I can't reach that high!"

He asked an elephant to lift his trunk,
And make the moon fall down, Ker-plunk!
But the elephant said, "Although I'm strong,
My trunk is really not that long.

He said to the lion, "You're so great.
Bring down the moon and please don't wait."
But the lion said with a roar and a frown,
"I cannot make the moon come down!"

He asked a kangaroo to jump,
And knock the moon down, bumpity-bump!
"Oh, no Wee Bear", said the kangaroo,
"That is something I could never do."

He met a camel and said, "Oh, dear.
Can you not bring the moon down here?"
The camel replied, "I think, Wee Bear,
We'd better leave the moon up there."

Poor Baby Bear to his mother said,
"I'm so tired.  Let's go to bed.
I know that I can't hold the moon,
I should have kept my red balloon!"

That was a good story, wasn't it?  Have you been watching the moon grow rounder and rounder?

Now we need to make a seven.  Sevens are really easy and fun.  G-ma will ask someone to draw the dotted sevens for you.  As you follow the dots say, "Across the sky, and down from heaven.  Seven, seven, seven!"  Put seven counters in your counting box.  You have been working so hard to count all those counters!

Do you know that red, yellow and blue are called primary colors because all the other colors are made from them. If you mix red and yellow you get orange. Have you ever had orange ice cream?  Color your ice cream cone orange and have your mom write.  "I like orange ice cream." Can you find your orange crayon? Some cats are orange. I had a goldfish once that was orange. Oranges are orange!.  Find some things in your room that are orange for the I spy with my little eye game.

Did you put your shoes on the right feet today?  Don't forget to let your shoes kiss first. Are you trying hard to be kind and have compassion for others?  That big word, compassion means to be kind. I am trying, too.  It is really hard sometimes, isn't it, but we will just try and try.

Can you chew with your mouth closed?  Let me hear you.  Pretend to eat a cookie, and don't open your mouth while you chew.  I can't hear any yucky smacking sounds, so you are doing a good job!

We know you are learning how to say your prayers. There are different kinds of prayers. We say a prayer before we eat our dinner and thank Heavenly Father for our food and ask him that it will make us strong and grow big. We close our eyes and fold our arms, don't we? We kneel down for family prayer and to ask Heavenly Father to keep us safe in our beds at night. We will talk to you when we have school again.  G-pa and G-ma love you.  Remember to be kind and good and sweet and dear!

Love, Grandma

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