Lady Bug, Clean Rooms, Four, Yellow, Put Away Toys

Dear Grandchildren,

Last time we had so much fun talking about insects and learning about the three parts of their bodies, the head, thorax and abdomen. I'm sure you can remember how many legs insects have, can't you? Just for a minute, let's talk about another bug, that we might want to call an insect, but really isn't. This creature has only two body parts, a head and an abdomen, and it doesn't have six has eight! We usually still call this a bug, and maybe even an insect, though it is different. It is a spider! Soon we will learn more about spiders, but let's talk more about real insects. Some insects have very shiny, almost hard shells, and we call them beetles. They have three parts and six legs. Here is a little poem about beetles.

Beetles must use polish, they look so new and shiny. They look like freshly painted cars, except they are so tiny. I know that you have seen different beetles, some are black and shiny like stinkbugs, and some are green, but we mostly know about a beetle that is shiny red with black spots. Can you guess? Yes, a ladybug! Ladybugs are very small, and cute. They are not scary like some insects, and you probably know a little poem about them,

Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home.
Your house is on fire; your children are gone,
All except one, and her name is Ann,
And she hid under the frying pan!

Did you know that lady bugs have wings under their pretty shiny red, spotted shells. They can lift up their red parts and use their little wings to fly away. How many legs does a ladybug have?

Have you been putting your clothes and shoes away? G-pa is wonderful about putting his things away. He is never messy. Some mamas are sad because they have to pick up the daddy's clothes because he doesn't do it, but I have never, ever had to pick up G-pa's stuff. Also, don't forget to pick up your toys and put them away, and keep your bedroom clean. We hope you make your bed every single morning after you put your pjs or nightgown away. Does your mom get a little upset if your room is messy?

Listen to this:
Why does my mother have to say, "Go clean your room"? It wrecks my day.
"Go clean your room!", she says to me. "There's clothes where carpet used to be,
"And games and books on top of those, and snacks starting to decompose!
"Clean that room! Right now! This minute! Or you'll spend the weekend sitting in it!"

Wow! Sometimes mamas get pretty excited about clean rooms, don't they? It is probably a good idea to put things away all the time so she doesn't get so crabby! There is a coloring picture for you to print about putting your toys away to help keep Mama happy.

Now it's time for number four. Start at the first top and and go down and then over. Now lift up your pencil or crayon and go up to the other top and down again. Say, "Down, over and down some more. That makes four!" We don't even have to tell what do do with your counting box and counters, do we?

Now, can you print out another ice cream cone from last time and this time color it yellow? Ask Mom to write, "I like yellow ice cream. If you want, you can say, "I spy with my little eye, something that is yellow." It's hard to not tell when the others are guessing wrong, so if you have to, put one hand over your mouth until they guess it or give up and you have to tell them.

Well, you really have a lot of work to do, don't you?

Love and squishie hugs,

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