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Dear Grandchildren,

Dear Grandchildren, Isn't it fun to sing happy songs? I know you are good singers and hope you learn to sing many songs. Do you know what a cowboy or a cowgirl is? They are people who help take care of lots of cows. They ride horses and dress in special clothes, often cowboy hats, jeans and boots. I want you to learn a song about a boy named Cowboy Ned, who was a very messy boy, When it was time for him to go to bed, he would take off his clothes and throw them all over the floor, or on furniture, or maybe even under his bed, but he never put them away where they should be. Here is the song:

When Cowboy Ned got ready for bed, he pulled his shirt right over his head.
With a ti, yi, yippee ay, yippee ay, with a ti, yi, yippee yippee ay.
He threw his pants right over a chair, and in the morning they were not there.
He turned his undershirt inside out and left his shoes just lying about.
If Cowboy Ned put his clothes away, he'd get dressed much faster everyday.

We don't want to be messy, sloppy people, do we? When we get ready for bed, if our shirt is dirty, we put it in the dirty-clothes place. If it is still clean, we hang it up, or fold it and put it in a drawer. We want to put our shoes together in the closet, or in a special shoe place. When we get up in the morning, we fold our pjs or nightgowns up and put them away, and don't throw them on the floor.

Do you like ice cream? Me too! Does your family say this funny thing? "I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream?" Isn't that silly? When we say that we can laugh and laugh. You can print out an ice cream cone and color it. Today, let's color the ice cream red. Make the cone brown or yellow, or sometimes ice cream cones can be different colors. Ask your mom to write, "I like red ice cream." If you save your color page, we will do more with different colors, and you can staple them all together and made an ice cream book you can read all by yourself!

Can you think of other things that are red like your ice cream? Some apples are red. Strawberries and raspberries are red. Cherries are red. See how many things you can think of. Here is a fun color game to play with your family. Look around the room and find something that is red, but don't tell what it is. Now you can say, "I spy with my little eye something that is red. Can you guess what it is?" Then, be sure to not tell, but see if they can guess.

Remember when we read the story about the turtle that ate a mosquito and a flea? Another name for bug is insect. Say that three times. There are hundreds of different kinds of insects. Some crawl, and some jump or hop. Some swim and some have wings and fly. But ALL insects have six legs. Can you remember that? How many legs do you have? How many do dogs and cats and cows and horses have? Can you remember how many legs an insect has?

Also ALL insects have three parts to their bodies. They have a head, a middle called a thorax, and a bottom part called an abdomen. Those are really big words. We will learn more about insects later.

Now you can learn to make a three. Print out the three page. Where do we always, always start numbers? Yes, at the top. Say this as you follow the dotted lines. "Around the tree and around the tree. That makes three!" Maybe you want to use different colored crayons when you make your numbers. That will be fun.

You know just what to do with your counting box and counters, don't you? Remember after you put the counters in the right place, to put them back into your ziplock bag and then put the box back where it belong, so you can find it next time. Don't be messy!

Have a very happy day, and tonight when you get ready for bed, you can find your pjs or nightgown because you put them away this morning. Don't forget to put your clothes and shoes where they need to be.

Love and squishie hugs,

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