Merry Sunshine Song, Cattails, Zero, Counting Box

Dear Grandchildren,

Good morning all of you who will be going to Gramdma's school.

Do you have a pencil and crayons?  You will also need a blank piece of paper. First, we are going to sing a song called "Good Morning, Merry Sunshine."  Have someone help you learn this.  We will practice it for a few days.

Good morning, merry sunshine.   
Why did you wake so soon?   
You scared the little stars away,   
And shined away the moon.

I saw you from my bed last night,
Before I stopped my playing.   
How did you get way over there,   
And where have you been staying?

(And the sun says:)   
I never go to sleep dear,   
I just go round to see   
My little children of the east,   
Who wake and watch for me.


Grandpa and I went for a walk this morning really early. The sun was just coming up, but it was so wet and foggy, that it was a yellow ball. The fog made everything so quiet. We walked down along that canal, and the water was so still. There are cattails growing in it, with the funny, fuzzy brown cattails. When I was a little girl, we used to pick cattails, and then we would draw up and down lines on them with colored chalk. Then we would twist the cattails a little bit all up and down the whole thing, and the colored lines would be all wavy and pretty. We would have sword fights with them sometimes but soon, however, they would start to get old, and then they get all fluffy and start to fall apart, sort of like dandelions when they get old. The fluffy seeds would fly all over the place and make a terrible mess, and our mamma and daddy weren't very happy about that!

Let's learn about numbers.  Zero is a funny number, because it means there is nothing!  Say "zero" five times.  Look at your table. How many elephants are sitting on your table?  There aren't any!  That means there are zero elephants sitting on your table.   

How many trees are growing on your head? There aren't any, are there? That means you have zero trees growing on your head.    We are going to draw some zeroes today. They are circles like cookies. There is a sheet your mama or daddy can print out, or look at to draw you some zeroes.  Pretend you are making cookies on a cookie sheet. You will start at the top of the cookie, and draw toward the left.  Have someone watch to see that you follow the dotted lines, and begin every time at the top and go to the left.   

When you have finished making a whole page of zeroes, you can draw chocolate chips or raisins or M and M's on them and color them!    Have Mama get you an egg carton and put a zero in the bottom of the cup in the left hand, top row. Keep it until tomorrow.    Well, we have done a lot of work in school today, haven't we? We will do another class tomorrow, so practice your song and your zeroes, and we will see you then.

Love, Grandma

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