Wilkes-Hunt Photos

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1. John Wilkes and Martha Elizabeth Hunt, married October 1873 in the Endowment House

2. john Wilkes and Martha Elizabeth Hunt

3. Site of the first Wilkes' cabins in Afton, 1879

4. Site of the first Wilkes' cabins on the south side of Swift Creek

5. Site of the cabins in 2009

6. Front: Hettie, John, Benoni, Martha, Sarah and Charlotte Ann; Back: Edmond, John Daniel and Martha Elizabeth, about 1892

06a. Wilkes' home on Washington Street in Afton, Wyoming with a granddaughter

7. Property where the John and Martha Wilkes home was built on Washington Street in Afton

8. Current buildings on property formerly owned by the Wilkes

9. The Wilkes owned half of the block these buildings are on

10. Same

11. Same

12. Portrait of John Wilkes

13. Martha Elizabeth Hunt and her daughter Mabel, about 1912

14. Hettie and her brother Edmond Wilkes

15. Front: Darah Leola; Back: Charlotte Ann and Benoni Wilkes

16. John Daniel Wilkes

17. Luella Child

18. Luella Child Wilkes

19. Luella Child Wilkes

20. Norma, Edgar and DeLoyd children of Johna Daniel and Luella Wilkes

21. Frank Leroy Walker son of Lorin Walker and Martha Elizabeth Wilkes, with his wife Idella Stratton

22. Mary Blacker Edmond Wilkes with their daughter Arvilla

23. Edmond Wilkes with his second wife Bessie Moffat, married 1910

24. Font: Edmond Wilkes and his son Murray; Back: Arvilla, Mary and Lenore Wilkes

25. Howard Wilkes son of Edmond and Bessie Wilkes

26. Arvilla, mary and Howard Wilkes

27. Fornt: Fern, Hyrum, Charlotte Wilkes and Ardel Barker; Back: Golden, Neldon, Merle, George L. and Devere Braker

28. Louise (died age 13), Merle, Devere and George L Barker

29. Benoni Gashum Moroni (Noen) Wilkes and Mary Emily Lindsay on their wedding day

30. Mary (Mamie) and Noen Wilkes

31. Front: John, Mamie and Noen Wilkes; Back: Ruth and Rhena Wilkes

32. Mamie and Noen

33. Rhena, John and Ruth Wilkes

34. Rhena and Ruth Wilkes

35. Rhena Wilkes and LaVar Nield; Middle: Betty, Naomi and Darrell Nield; Back: Roma, John, Rhena Louise and Mary Lou Nield

36. Linda Wilkes granddaughter of Noen and Mamie

37. A road sign pointing to the Halfway House a stage stop operated by Noen and Mami Wilkes on Corw Creek, between Afton, Wyoming and Montpelier, Idaho

38. A interpertive sign about the Halfway House

39. A interpertive sign about the Halfway House

40. Looking at the Halway House from Crow Creek road.

41. Remains of the Halfway House cabin about 2009

43. Halfway House

44. Halfway House

45. Halfway House

46. Halfway House

47. Halfway House

48. Halfway House

49. Halfway House arial view

50. Sarah Leola Wilkes, William Thede and Joseph Holbrook

51. Sara Leola Wilkes Holbrook

52. Joseph Holbrook

53. Thede Holbrook

54. Glenn Holbrook

55. Dortha Holbrook

56. Blane Holbrook

57. Beth Holbrook

58. Helen Holbrook

59. Mabel Luella Wilkes and Lorain Brown

60. Front: Lorain, LuJean and Mabel Wilkes Brown; Back: Lorain Jr., June, Valene and Mack W Brown

61. Valene, LuJean, June, Mabel, Lorain, Mack and Lorain Jr. Brown

62. The Lorain and Mabel Brown family

63. A portion of the group attending the John Wilkes Family Organization reunion at Rupert, Idaho 1938. Front row: Idella Walker, Arvilla Wilkes, Aunt Luella Wilkes, Hettie Blacker with granddaughter Kay Blacker, June Brown, Aunt Mabel Brown. Second row: Frank Walker, Pearl Walker Oldham and baby, Aunt Lottie Barker, Uncle Hy Barker, Aunt Mattie Walker, Uncle Ed Wilkes, Mary Wilkes, Uncle Lorain Brown, Valene Brown. Third row: Unknown, Unknown, Jessie Blacker, Hyrum

64. This picture shows six of the seven children of the same family, this time Uncle Noen is absent. Picture taken at a family reunion in Rupert, Idaho left to right: Aunt Lottie Barker, Uncle Ed, Aunt Mabel Brown, Aunt Mattie Walker, Hettie Blacker and Luella Wilkes (John's widow). About 1939.

65. John and Martha Wilkes children taken at a family reunion held in Fairview, Wyoming about 1946. Left to right: Uncle Noen, Aunt Lottie Barker, Aunt Mattie Walker, Hettie Blacker, Aunt Mabel Brown and Uncle Ed. Aunt Lola Holbrook was absent.

66.Martha Eynon wife of Daniel D. Hunt

67. After Charlotte Hunt Beers died in childbirth in Manassa, Colorado, her sister-in-law sent this lock of her hair to her mother Martha Eynon Hunt in St. Charles, Idaho

68. The first page of a letter from Annie Young sent to Martha Eynon Hunt telling about the death of her daughter

69. The second page of a letter from Annie Young sent to Martha Eynon Hunt telling about the death of her daughter

70. A page of one of several letters written by Charlote Hunt Beers to her mother

71. Williams Wilkes and Elizabeth Hunt with four of their children in Tewkesbury, England. Front: Henry, Elizabeth, William and Elizabeth; Back: Hannah and William Jr.

72. Wlilliam Wilkes Jr. and Elizabeth Haines

73. Front: James, Samuel, Mary Ann and Elizabeth Wilkes; Middle: Jacobine Hemmert and William Wilkes Jr.; Back: Sarah Ann and John Wilkes children of William Wilkes Jr. and Elizabeth Haines