Brown-Godber Photos

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1. Herbert Brown and Mabel Alice Godber Wedding Picture

2. Wedding announcement for Herbert's and Mabel's marriage.

3. A record of Mabel's and Herbert's marriage plus a birth and christening date for their first two daughters, Harriet and Alice.

4. The cover of Mabel Brown Blacker's History of her father, by Beth Blacker Levanger.

5. Herbert Brown

6. Mabel Alice Godber Brown

7. Black glove knit by his mother for Herbert Brown's disfigured hand. He lost three fingers in a mining accident.

8. Herbert Brown

9. Home of Herbert and Mabel Brown in Hilliard, Wyoming where their children were raised.

10. Building that used to be the Hilliard LDS church, which was moved to this location next to the Brown ranch.

11. Interior of the old Hilliard LDS church.

12. Old structure on the Brown ranch.

13. Photo of Almy, Wyoming 4th of July 1907. Herbert Brown in attendance shown by an arrow.

14. Hilliard schoolhouse with Violet Brown behind the girl in the white dress.

15. Brown children in Hilliard. Back row, Violet, Mabel, Dorothy, Alice with baby Jim and Tige.

16. Brown childen

17. Brown children with sheep in Hilliard.

18. Back left: Mabel, Alice, Herbert, Violet, Dorothy. Front: Jim, Mabel

19. Herbert with sleigh and team in a swale of melting snow.

20. Hilliard school children. Mabel, called May by the family.

21. Hilliard school boys

22. Hilliard childen being taken to school by a neighbor.

23. Hilliard childen being transported to school.

24. Extra teams needed to pull covered sleigh through snow.

25. Brown horses pulling hay sleigh to feed cattle.

26. Violet, Mabel and Alice Brown in Hilliard.

27. Brown childen in doorway of Hilliard home.

28. Letter written to Mabel Alice Brown in response to her letter to George Turton in England, who with his wife Sarah, carred for Mabel when her mother died.

29. Back page of letter from "Uncle George" Turton.

30. Addresses of families in England given to Mabel Alice Brown as she tried to get information about family members.

31. Record of Mabel May's christening or baby blessing.

32. Money owed by Herbert Brown.

33. Receipt of money paid by Herbert to the Almy Ditch Co., issued by Adin Brown.

34. Small leather date book owned by Herbert Brown.

35. A page from the date book recording Jim Brown's birth.

36. Note made of payment for hay.

37. Pages from Herbert's date book.

38. Dorothy and Jim Brown in Hilliard.

39. Mabel Brown in Hilliard.

40. Dorothy Brown in Hilliard.

41. Dorothy Brown in Hilliard.

42. Dorothy Brown

43. Dorothy and Mabel Brown

44. Mabel Brown holding niece Marion, with Dorothy and friend.

45. Jim, Mabel and Melvin with Dorothy in back.

46. Mabel's grduation from Kemmerer High School.

47. Dorothy Brown Martin

48. Dorothy and Mabel in front of Hilliard home.

49. Mabel Brown

50. Alice and Violet Brown

51. Letterhead showing Herbert Brown as a Republican precinct committeeman.

52. Interest on loans

53. Mabel Brown on Hilliard ranch using a push rake.

54. Jim and Mabel Brown in Hilliard.

55. Melvin Brown in Air Force uniform with sister Violet Scovel.

56. Mabel Alice Godber Brown with daughter, Violet Scovel.

57. Lava Hot Springs hospitl where Herbert Brown died.

58. Touching note written by Herbert Brown to loved ones.

59. Funeral floral display at Brown Hilliard home.

60. Obituary for Herbert Brown.

61. Typed copy of funeral notice by daughter Alice Brown.

62. Alice Brown with son William or Billy.

63. Marion, daughter of Alice and William or Bill Brown.

64. Marion, daughter of Alice and William or Bill Brown.

65. William, or Billy Brown with Marion.

66. Marion Brown

67. Marion Brown

68. Marion Brown

69. William or Billy Brown

70. William or Billy Brown in Evanston.

71. William or Billy Brown

72. Alice and Bill Brown, Mr. and Mrs. James, Marion Brown in front of new husband Edward Garrett James, or Ted, and a friend.

73. Ted and Marion Brown James at time of marriage.

74. Eloise James

75. Eloise James

76. Eloise Jams, photo tken by her uncle, Billy Brown

77. Explanation on back of photo #76

78. Eloise and Bradley James

79. Marion, Baby, Eloise and Bradley James

80. Funeral program for Marion Nielson

81. Letter to Mabel Brown Blacker from her sister Alice Brown

82. Letter to Mabel Brown Blacker from her sister Alice Brown

83. Letter to Mabel Brown Blacker from her sister Alice Brown

84. Funeral program for Alice Harriet Brown.

85. Funeral program for Alice Harriet Brown.

86. Obituary for Alice Hariet Brown

87. Back: Mabel & Louise Scovel, Marion Brown, Oliver Scovel Jr.; front Billy Brown or Herbet Scovel

88. Louise, Mabel and Oliver Scovel, Marion Brown

89. Louise and Mabel Scovel

90. Herbert Scovel

91. Mabel, Oliver and Louise Scovel

92. Front: Herbert, Oliver Jr.; back: Oliver Sr., Violet, Mabel and Louise Scovel

93. Mabel and Louise Scovel

94. Mabel Scovel

95. Mabel Scovel

96. Herbert Scovel

97. Violet Brown Scovel's funeral. Left: Mabel and Alice Brown, Elaine Martin, Melvin Brown, Mabel Scovel, Dorothy and John Martin, ?, Loyn and Mabel Blacker, Oliver Scovel

98. Violet Brown Scovel's casket

99. Obituary of Violet Brown Scovel

100. Obituary of Violet Brown Scovel

101. Obituary of Oliver Scovel

102. Vernon Moulding and Mabel Scovel

103. Mabel Scovel Moulding and her daughter Linda

104. Mabel May Brown

105. Liberty bond for World War I

106. Sears Catalog

107. Cuticura Soap used by Mabel Alice Godber Brown to wash her babies

108. Play tea set given to Mabel May Brown for Christmas

109. Mabel May Brown's school book

110. Report Card for 1920

111. Eighth Grade Examination Marks

112. Monthly report card, 1926

113. Mabel May Brown

114. Mission call

115. Mabel May Brown second from right at the Mission Training Center in Salt Lake City

116. Mission President with missionaries in Detroit, Michigan

117. Northern States Mission President, Noah Pond

118. President and Sister Pond with missionaries

119. President and Sister Pond with missionaries

120. Mabel May Brown, missionary

121. Mabel May Brown, missionary

122. Mabel May Brown, missionary and friend

123. Mabel May Brown, missionary at a family dinner

124. Sister Mabel May Brown and Elders

125. Sister Mabel May Brown

126. Home in Northern States Mission

127. Missionary activity, Sister Brown batting

128. Sister Brown and investigator

129. Sister Brown and companion with a child

130. Sisters and Elders

131. Missionaries with teaching aids

132. Missionary Sisters

133. Mission Office

134. Mission Release

135. Mabel May Brown in Indianapolis

136. Mabel May Brown

137. Mabel May Brown

138. Mabel May Brown

139. Mabel May's friend from Indianapolis, Iris Deckard, on a beach

140. Iris Deckard in Hilliard with the dogs Pup and Rover about 1935

141. Crochet hook whittled for Mabel May by her brother Jim

142. Merrill (Mike) Martin

143. Elaine Martin

144. Merrill and Elaine Martin

145. Elaine Martin

146. Elaine Martin and Mabel May Brown

147. John and Dorothy Martin family

148. Charlotte Martin

149. Front: Dorothy Brown Martin, John Martin; back: Arron, Charlotte, John Jr. (Jack), Elaine and Merrill (Mike) Martin

150. James Herbert Brown

151. James Herbert Brown

152. James Herbert Brown

153. James Herbert Brown on a push rake

154. James Herbert Brown

155. James Herbert Brown

156. James Herbert Brown

157. James Herbert Brown

158. Mark or John Brown, son of James and Lucille Brown

159. James and Lucille Brown's children; John, Jim, Janice, Edith, Joyce and Betty, Mark is not in the picture

160. Paul Blacker and Jimmy Brown in Hilliard, Wyoming

161. Obituary for James Brown

162. Daughter of James and Lucille Brown

163. Melvin Brown

164. Melvin Brown

165. Melvin Brown

166. Melvin Brown

167. Melvin Brown

168. Melvin Brown

169. Melvin Brown

170. Mary Perkins and Melvin Brown

171. Melvin, Mary Jo and Mary Brown

172. Mary, Mary Jo and Melvin Brown

173. Mary Jo, Mary and Gayle Brown

174. Gayle and Mary Jo Brown

175. Gayle Brown

176. Melvin, Gayle and Mary Jo Brown

177. Mary Jo and Gayle Brown

178. Mary Jo Brown

179. Gayle Brown

180. Melvin and Mary Brown

181. Violet Brown Scovel, Mabel Alice Godber Brown, Dorothy Brown Martin and Alice Brown

182. Brown and Martin family outing

183. Brown, Scovel and Martin families

184. James and Lucille Brown, Alice Brown, Dorothy Martin with baby, William Brown

185. Brown and Martin outing

186. Front row: Oliver Scovel Jr., William Brown Jr., Mabel Scovel, Louise Scovel, ?, ?, Marion (behind), ?. Second row: Violet Scovel, holding Herbert, Alice Brown, Mabel Blacker, Dorothy Martin. Third row: James, Mabel Alice and William Brown

187. Mabel Alice Brown holding a granddaughter, Elaine and Dorothy Martin, Lucille Brown, Charlotte Martin in front

188. Evanston, Wyoming ?

189. Mabel Alice Brown, Alice Brown, Violet Scovel, Mabel May Blcaker, Dorothy Martin

190. Paul Blacker and Mabel Alice Brown

191. Front: Mary, Paul Lois and Ruth Blacker, back: Mabel Brown Blacker, Mabel Alice Brown and Alice Brown

192. Pansies

193. Obituary for Mabel Alice Brown

194. Evanston City Hall where Mabel Alice Brown died

195. Front of the funeral program for Mabel Alice Brown

196. Funerl progeam for Mabel Alice Brown

197. Mabel Alice Brown's caskett

198. Hair

199. Dorothy Martin and Mabel Blacker at the Blacker home in Ontario, Oregon