Blacker-Wilkes Photos

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1. Hettie Wilkes, LeRoy and Thomas Blacker about 1905. At that time young boys wore dresses

2. Afton, Wyoming Halloween pranks. At the far left is John Wilkes and his grandson DeLoyd in front of the Wilkes home on Washington Street

3. Washington Street in Afton, Wyominf in 1915

4. Afton Elementary School and Star Valley Stake Tabernacle

5. Star Valley Stake Tabernacle

6. The corner on Washington Street and 4th Avenue where John and Martha Wilkes' home stood. At one time this building housed Patterson Hardware. Now it is the Afton Town Hall.

7. Inside Burton Brothers store across the street from the town hall. Luella Child Wilkes, a clerk, is wearing the white blouse and dark skirt. John Wilkes sometimes worked here. Loyn Blacker was helped by Luella when he bought his mother a pin from the counter in the center.

8. The Thomas and Hettie Blacker home built in 1911 after a fire destroyed their previous home. The picture was taken in 1946.

9. The Thomas and Hettie Blacker home located north of Afton on Highway 89. Pictures 9 through 13 were taken in 2012.





14. Thomas Blacker standing on the far right was the coach of the Afon MIA softball team

15. Thomas' and Hettie's first home in Rupert, Idaho after leaving Afton, Wyoming in 1919. This picture taken in 1971 shows the home some fifty years after it was moved into by the family. The house has been added to and both former screened-in porches have been closed in thus making it appear considerably longer than originally. It is located at 100 South 25 East.

16. A diagram of the house and yard of the Blacker place in Rupert.

17. Pictures taken in 2012 of the former Blacker home inclduing images 17 through 21.





22. The LDS Rupert Ward building on the corner of A and Second Streets where the Blacker's attended church

23. The LDS Stake house in Rupert built during the 1930s.

24. The house on the Blacker farm west of Rupert where they moved in 1924

25. The same house

26. A diagram both floors of the house

27. A diagram of downstairs

28. A diagram of the farm yard and barns

29. Earl, Verl and George Blacker with a toy hay derrick

30. The dairy barn built in 1938

31. the corral and loafing shed with jersy cows, finished in 1938

32. Hyrum Blacker

33. Front: George, Verl, Marie and Earl Blacker, ?, Merintha Blacker, ?, ?; Back: Joseph and Sarah Leola Blacker Holbrook, Thomas, Hettie and Afton Blacker

34. Front: Earl, Verl, Marie, Merintha, George and Afton; Back: Thomas, Hettie, Alma and Hyrum

35. The Blacker and Holbrook families

36. Front: Verl, Merintha and Earl, Middle: Afton, Hyrum and George, Loyn, Fred and Alma

37. A Rupert Ward Sunday School group about 1924. Loyn Blacker is on the left in the dark suit

38. Thomas Blacker in the garden west of the Rupert farm home.

39. Afton, Merintha and Marie Blacker

40. The Blacker family and friends in the Blacker home

41. Cousins Loyn Blacker, Lincoln Gardner, Alma Blacker and Merle Barker harvesting potatoes. A friend Eldon Garner is on the horse carrying sacks.

42. Alma Blacker and Lincoln Gardner harvesting sugar beets. Notice the four horse team hitched to a beet digger.

43. Digging sugar beets

44. Lincoln Gardner and Alma Blacker

45. Marie Blacker in the Chevrolet one and 1/2 ton beet truck.

46. LeRoy and Loyn Blacker with friend Zelma Orton

47. Loyn Blacker and car

48. Thomas and Hettie Blacker

49. Thomas Blacker

50. Front: Earl and Verl, Middle: LeRoy, Marie, Thomas, Hettie and George, Back: Afton, Fred, Hyrum, Alma, Loyn and Merintha

51. Thomas and Hettie home on H Street in Rupert after moving from the farm in 1942.

52. Thomas working in the yard.

Former Blacker home taken 2012

54. William and Ella Blacker with Hettie and Thomas Blacker on a trip to the eastern US in 1947

55. Hettie Wilkes Blacker's funeral

56. Death certificate of Hettie May Blacker

57. Luellad Wilkes and Thomas Blacker at the house on H Street, after their marriage in 1948

58. The Blacker family in LeRoy and Hilda Blacker living room at Christmas 1952

59. To see the names of each numbered person click here.

60. Death certificate of Thomas Blacker

61. THomas and Hettie Blacker's headstone in the Rupert, Idaho cemetery

62. Hilda Widdison and LeRoy Blacker

63. A lock of Loyn Blacker's hair from his first haircut done by his uncle Hyrum Blacker in Afton, Wyoming.

64. A letter from Thomas Blacker to his son Loyn on a mission in England. He asked Loyn to find English relatives.

65. Page 2 of the same letter

66. Merintha, Loyn and Alma with others at a Blacker family reunion in Rupert

67. Earl, Fred, George and George's wife Louise

68. Ruth Blacker Waite looking for family headstones in the Afton cemetery