Blacker-Brown Photos

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1. Loyn Blacker and Mabel Brown after their wedding day in Salt Lake City - 9 October 1936

2. Blacker home in Almy, Wyoming, birthplace of Paul and Ruth

3. Almy Ward, Loyn is behind the woman with the hat in the last row, Mabel and Paul are in the 4th row

4. Almy School where Loyn taught

5. Mabel and Paul on the steps of the Almy School

6. Mabel expecting Ruth with Paul of the school steps

7. Mabel and Paul

8. Mabel and Paul

9. The Blacker home at 211 Front Street in Evanston

10. The garage at the house in Evanston

11. Mabel, Paul and Ruth outside the home in Evanston

12. Ruth, Loyn and Paul in Evanston

13. Paul and Loyn

14. Ruth and Paul in Evanston

15. Paul

16. Ruth and Paul

17. Mabel, Paul, Ruth and Lois in Evanston

18. Ruth, Lois, Mabel and Paul in front of the farm home in Rupert, Idaho

19. Ruth, Lois and Paul at the farm in Rupert

20. Home on the farm in Rupert

21. Ruth and Paul with Lois in the background on the front lawn of William(Bill) and Alice Brown's home in Evanston, Wyoming

22. Home at 241 N First Street in Ontario, Oregon

23. Lois and Ruth in front and Mary on the sidewalk of the home in Ontario

24. The home on N First Street, taken in 2007

25. Front of Conklin Elementary School in Ontario, taken in 2007

26. Back of Conklin Elementary School in Ontario, taken in 2007

27. Hall in Conklin Elementary School in Ontario, door on left led to the gym, taken in 2007

28. Paul, Mary, Lois and Ruth in Ontario

29. Mary, Lois, Ruth and Paul in Ontario

30. Ruth, Lois, Mary and Paul in Ontario

31. ?, ?, Lois, Ruth, ?, ?, Paul and Mary, possibly at William and Alice Brown's place in Evanston

32. Front: Mary, Paul, Lois and Ruth; Back: Mabel Blacker, her mother Mabel Alice and sister Alice in Evanston

33. Mary, Beth and Lois on acreage in Ontario

34. Mary and Beth in Ontario

35. Ruth and Lois, note the homemade dresses

36. Ruth and Paul on his homemade bycycle

37. Mary and Ruth

38. Beth in front, Ruth, Lois, Paul and Mary in back

39. Rock home on the acreage in Ontario

40. Rock home before 2007

41. Rock home in 2007

42. Blacker Furniture truck

43. Ruth and Mary with $400.00 purebred heifer that died of the bloat

44. Ruth and Paul with the heifer, the garden area is behind them

45. The family on the lawn behind the Ontario house with Paul holding a cat (Sniffles?)

46. Mabel behind the house, note the homeade sled

47. Family on the west side of the home, note the bathroom window and the pile of wood scraps from the building between the house and the barn

48. Mabel and Loyn on the west side of the house

49. Front row: ? Brown, Beth and John Brown; Second row: Edith, Mary, Lois, Ruth and Loyn, Back row, Paul, Jimmy Brown, Mabel, Bill and Alice Brown.

50. Nyssa Stake Genealogical Project with Loyn and Mabel in charge. Front row, Beth, Lois, Lapriel Burnett, Ruth, ?, and Mary, with Paul second from the right of the second row

51. Sir Muggs in Ontario

52. Paul holding John under the kitchen window of the rock house, a cat and Rover on the porch

53. Paul's graduation from Ontario High School

54. Home in Riverside California at 3764 Roslyn Street

55. Ramona Poly-Tech High School in Riverside

56. Rented house in Rupert, Idaho, after moving from Riverside

57. Blacker home at 905 E Street in Rupert

58. Blacker home at 905 E Street in Rupert

59. Blacker home at 905 E Street in Rupert

60. Blacker family in Rupert, taken in 1958, Front: Paul, Mabel, Loyn and John; Back: Beth, Lois, Mary and Ruth

61. Ruth's graduation from Minico High School, 1958

62. Lois in 1962

63. Mary's graduation from Minico High School

64. John and Loyn with the Home Furniture truck

65. Ruth and Beth in zoo

66. Family in Salt Lake

67. Ruth, Lois, Mary and Beth in Salt Lake

68. Paul and John

69. Ruth and John in Rupert

70. Beth, Mabel and Ruth in Rupert

71. John and Loyn in the dining room

72. Beth's graduation from Minico High School

73. Family in Rupert in 1968

74. John's graduation from Minico High School

75. Loyn with microfilm readers at the Burley Family History Center

76. Family in Rupert when John and Mary were married

77. Home Furniture truck in Rupert

78. Mabel

79. Loyn and Mabel at the Bolton, Lancashire, England Branch

80. Backyard of Loyn's and Mabel's residence in Bolton

81. Loyn mowing a lawn in Bolton

82. Mabel in Mrs. Mohammed's backyard

83. Mabel in Mrs. Mohammed's backyard

84. Mabel in Bolton

85. Mabel on Bolton street.

86. Mabel in Bolton centre

87. Mabel in Bolton park

88. Mabel with a sister from Bolton Branch

89. Mabel and Loyn in front of the Manor House on the London Temple grounds

90. Unidentified couple, Loyn and Mabel, Mission President and wife

91. Loyn and Mabel with Elders in Bolton

92. Mabel and Loyn in front of the Bolton chapel

93. Mabel worn out in the Bolton Chapel

94. Loyn at a bus stop in Bolton

95. Loyn at public gardens in Bolton

96. Mabel and Loyn behind the baptismal font in St. Martins Church in Alfreton, Derbyshire where some of Mabel's Brown, Clark and England ancestors were christened, married and buried.

97. Mabel and Loyn behind the baptismal font in St. Michael and All Angels Church in South Normanton, Derbyshire where some of Mabel's Godber and Hames ancestors where christened, married and buried. Her mother Mabel Alice Godber was christened here.

98. The cemetery in the churchyard in South Normanton

99. Mabel and Loyn in the St. Michael and All Angels Church in South Normanton

100. Mabel and Loyn in front of their home in Rupert after returning from their mission

101. Loyn's daily flag raising in front of his home with a neighbor's home across the street, in the background.

102. Loyn and Mabel, at Lagoon

103. Mabel tending her flowers in Rupert






109. Mabel at Laura's and Tom's wedding




113. Thanksgiving at Bryce's and Mary's

114. 1988